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Rogues by Ava March
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Apr 12, 2012

it was ok
Read from April 12 to 14, 2012

** spoiler alert ** I had high hopes for this one because Linus and Robert have great chemistry. Again, Ava writes some of the best male love scenes I ever read. But... it seems there was a major lack of editing, especially during the love scenes. The overuse of these two mens' names during sex had me more than confused. I couldn't figure out who was doing what and to whom.

I was going to let the editing issue go but then something occurs during one sex scene that's so unhygienic and not sexy and in a word- foul. I'm surprise Ava and her editor let it stay in here. It's something that should never be done, and is not sexy at all, regardless if this occurs in a straight or gay romance.

NSFW comment coming here... warning...

There is a sex act called "rimming" that happens in many GLBT romance. Here, Linus sticks his tongue in Robert's bum. Linus goes to town on Robert and his inner bum muscles. What Linus does next is disgusting. Without washing his mouth out, he kisses Robert after rimming his ass, using his spit, tongue, teeth and mouth. This is foul and disgusting and if rimming occurs between a man and a woman, two women or two men, there should be no kissing until the one who stuck his tongue in a certain hole, washed out his mouth until it's squeaky clean.

Based on this no-no kissing after no cleaning mouth after a tongue has been in a bum, I can't give this a recommend read.

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April Damn... I completely didn't notice that... Blargh.

Katie(babs) April (CSI:Librarian) wrote: "Damn... I completely didn't notice that... Blargh."

double blargh.

April Katie(babs) wrote: "April (CSI:Librarian) wrote: "Damn... I completely didn't notice that... Blargh."

double blargh."

Good to know I guess. Maybe. Ish.

message 1: by Cryselle (new)

Cryselle So... you're cool with the direct contact but not the indirect contact. I fail to see how the kissing after is worse than the rimming.

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