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Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
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Jul 12, 2007

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bookshelves: fiction
Read in March, 2007

Definitely not what I expected! I'm not crazy about this author. Interesting premise, but as with the other book of his that I've read, I never really got fully engaged. I kept expecting shocking and mind-blowing revelations if I kept reading, but what was revealed was always either mildly confusing or only mildly interesting. Blah.

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message 1: by Candice (new)

Candice You did better that I did. I gave up. I thought that the characters were so uninteresting and I kept wondering when the book would get better. I started it because one of our book group members recommended it. I read The Remains of the Day by the same author years ago, and I loved it. I would recommend The Remains of the Day.

message 2: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Campbell You got it Ellen. I started reading this at bedtime one night, and COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. Not because I was particularly enamored by the plot or the language or the characters, but because ONE CANNOT STOP READING BECAUSE EVERY SECTION ENDS ELLIPTICALLY. I lost an entire night's sleep and arrived late at work due to this novel. I would think to myself "I'll read to the end of this section, or chapter." And then the chapter would end with a dry but intriguing line like: "That was before the events of Field Day." And the reader must know what happened on Field Day. so the book did a nice job of creating an intriguing and dread-laden atmosphere, and weaving a spell of sinister literary charm. But it did not deliver. I have always felt that dystopic novels fail to deliver - it's like ghosts or murderers in movies - they are more powerful and captivating when they are nebulous and unknown, and become increasingly less potent as they are realized. This novel moved me - politically - less than We or Brave New World, but temporarily seduced me far more!

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