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A Breach of Promise by Victoria Vane
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Dear kiddies…I mean authors…lesson number one!

Did my capitol letters get trough to you?
Sadly, I doubt it.

More and more am I coming across plots where the hero and heroine feel obsession and lust at best.
The characters in this story were the prototype for a future failed relationship. The only thing keeping them together is a love for politics and fucking (excuse me for being un-lady-like here).

The epilogue that took place one year later was somehow worse than all the fighting, indifference and cheating in the story.
Yeah...I am not kidding.
It was supposed to make me smile at the silly ‘I have made him/her think he/she marred me because he/she wanted to and not because I am a master manipulator’ drivel. It did not. The whole thing was a poorly executed plan to make us laugh over man-woman different takes on the situation before the final curtain falls.
To me it just drove a sad point home: Even after a year of marriage they like to gossip about one another to their friends. And not pretty lover like gossip even. They are telling their friends their partner is retarded. It is all wrapped in good humor and smiles but you know what they say-In every joke there is some truth.
How utterly sad.

P.S. Some of the readers did not have a problem with the hero cheating. Or should I be more specific- they did not see it as cheating or that big of a transgression.
I am very aware that the hero was young and did not want to marry.
But if I am treated to a scene where he dry humps his young fiancé only to completely avoid her for the next 6 years while he has sex with who ever he wants I am not going to look favorably at the situation. I just am not. He dry humped her! While drunk! How unsexy can this whole hero be?
(And yeah, I do not think he improved trough the book)
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message 1: by Ƥʋиʏα [Punya Reviews...] (last edited Apr 10, 2012 02:03AM) (new)

Ƥʋиʏα [Punya Reviews...] You got me there on the cheating part. I don't care what happened, he was engaged to her and if he shagged other women in the between these years, he cheated, as simple as that! God how I hate this!! Great review as usual hun. :)

Karla The cheating didn't bug me, but man, there were vast stretches of it where I was mentally checking off all the tropes and cliches. Was so bored by the end.

Dinjolina Eh, you know me….i am a guilt ridden bodice ripper fan. When there is cheating, I kind of cringe, even thou I read it. I like specific OW that are flaunted in my face and all that angst better. :)
The book was…I mean, you are right! But, gosh, even in hard core bodice rippers they know sex is not love! Here? They even joked about how the other spouse is the idiot in the end… come on, it’s not cool :)

Karla Yeah, I wasn't all that blown away by it. The writing was good, but even then it was kind of stilted and self-aware. Probably the author's other persona of writing HF getting in the way. Who knows. Anyway, I didn't gel with the characters at all. They were types, not people.

But this was her first erotica. Maybe her second is better. I'm going to read it and find out.

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