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Distant Rumblings by John  Goode
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Mar 21, 2012

really liked it
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Read from March 21 to 22, 2012

3.5 stars? 3.75? Somewhere around there, rounded up.

A nice start to a new series, with a funny voice in the MC Kane, a snarky best friend named Jewel, funny "lost in translation" like dialogue, and maybe a curious peek into the worlds we might see in the future of the series (I won't give it away but you've heard of them before).

Kane is the most normal high school boy in Athens, Iowa. Raised by his flautist father in a community of ex-hippies, vegans, and all around "original" souls, he ends up sticking out by being the least ostentation person in town. His only claim to originality is that he's gay, and in Athens that's barely enough to get you anywhere. Still, he's the only gay guy at his school, which is depressing along with everything else, so when he sees the most beautiful guy that he's ever seen walking right across campus and no one else seems to see him or know who he is, he's quite intrigued. After a fortuitous mistake on the mystery guy's part, they become acquainted and learn to know one another. The only problem is, like the play they're studying for drama, Hawk is not from this world. He's a prince of Faerth, sent away from the Nine Worlds for his safety with his very loyal Changeling guardian Spike.

This first installment of the series sets up the world pretty nicely, even though it is pretty slow going. We get both of the MC's POVs along with a few other characters (Jewel and Spike, for example). There is quite a bit of funny getting to know you conversations that they have where they both can't ever seem to understand what the hell the other is talking about. This did get frustrating for me a couple times because I wanted to hurry the plot along, but it wasn't a big deal and to my personal taste.

The best part of the story is probably the voice of Kane, who cracked me up quite a few times. Jewel is pretty awesome too, they're like peas in a pod and I could really see that. I also had a fun time chuckling at the town of Athens, since I went to school with a lot of people like that :)

I noticed a few times that, because of the way the story is narrated (which is a bit off the cuff, like the ramblings of Kane's mind) that the action would start and then need to stop for a few lines of exposition to catch us up on what things meant. Those were a little jarring, but if it meant that the story had to lose that rambling style of voice that Kane has, I'd definitely swallow those little bits and forget about them, because Kane's voice is what makes this story so fun.

I'm really looking forward to seeing where the rest of this series goes. This first part barely touches on the world-building, or really just gives us clues, and I can see that we're going to get quite a bit more in the sequels. I'm definitely excited for that part, because one of the most fun parts of the story for me were when Kane and Hawk finally realized that they both knew about the worlds that Hawk comes from, so I'm excited to read/see more about that.
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