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Arena One by Morgan Rice
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Mar 21, 2012

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bookshelves: young-adult, dystopia
Read on March 21, 2012

Rating: 3.5

Five things you should know:

1) Its a good story. Arena One: Slaverunners is about Brooke and her little sister who are hiding in the woods after the apocolypse. Brooke is trying her best to keep them both alive and healthy, and away from the threat of the slaverunners who capture people and bring them to the Arenas located around the country, which is a fight to the death. After Bree is captured, Brooke must do anything she can to get her back.

This book has often be compared to Hunger Games in the other reviews because of a similar theme (fighting to the death in an arena for entertainment). This book is also very similar in that it has a strong female lead who is caught in a love triangle, but has the most concern for her younger sister who is in danger because of the "system." Despite these similarities, it still is an original story and takes a different path than the Hunger Games series.

2) The character relationships and depth is lacking. For a large portion of the book, there is little description of the interactions between the characters, and the interaction there is tends to be very supervicial or mostly based on "he shouted" and "she responded" type of dialogue.

3) The writing is simplistic. There is a lot of repetition in descriptive words especially when it comes to coversations. Every chapter also ends with a cliche line that implies some drastic terrible event (and tends to be very over dramatic), but everything always goes okay in the first paragraph of the following chapter. There always seems to be a saving grace that allows the plot to continue on, like "By some miracle..." or "Luckily" etc.

4) There is a lot of action. Despite my complaint about the lack of character development, there is a lot of action which keeps you engaged and the plot moving. Expect a long car chase, plenty of explosions and disasters, and quite a bit of fighting and bloodshed.

5) Although my review sounds harsh, it really was a good book. There are a few weaker points, but the sum of its parts create a good whole product which does make an entertaining quick read. You also wont be able to give it up! I will definitly be reading the next book in the series, and now that I realized its going to be a while until it comes out, I will be impatient and grumpy about it.

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