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Strangers by Barbara Elsborg
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Mar 29, 2012

really liked it
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Read from March 26 to 27, 2012

I enjoyed this pick a lot more than I expected to. But I guess that teaches me a lesson about setting such low expectations.

In the most unlikely place to find someone, Kate and Charlie did. Both were tired of their lives and in an attempt to end them, they literally bumped into each other. After their failed attempt, they both turned to each other to find themselves again and despite everything their life thrust upon them, they found someone they could trust.

I think what drew me most into the book, is the juxtaposition of pain in both of the main characters. You have Kate, who in her whole life, just wants someone to love her. And you have Charlie, who has love but doesn't know how to accept it.

Kate has been given every short stick life could hand her. Put into the foster system at a young age, she's faced bullying, abuse on multiple levels and has had to completely shut herself off emotionally. She wants so desperately to be loved, she ends up looking in the wrong places (an abusive boyfriend, a manipulative a**hole (sorry, he really pissed me off, ha)). It takes finding Charlie to see that its ok to open yourself up to love, so long as you start looking in appropriate places.

Charlie has been given a second chance. Abandoned and adopted at a young age, he was given every opportunity to be successful. Heading down a deadly spiral of drugs, alcohol and depression after losing his brother, he hits rock bottom. Where as pain in Kate's life is thrust upon her, Charlie's is self-inflicted. He has the love of his parents (though its a rocky relationship) and is worshiped by his fan-base; but can't find reason to return the affection...until he meets Kate.

This story was so touching. The fact that two people could find each other in their darkest hour and give the other exactly what they need to survive, is deeply moving. The last 20% of the book became so intense, heartbreaking and exciting...I think I held my breath the entire time. It took a lot of will power to stop myself from skipping ahead to see how it came together.

A very touching story and well worth the read.
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Laura Yay! So happy you had fun with this one! :) Great review, Shannel! Can’t wait for more smut next Monday! ;)
Charlie was super adorable and hot! I loved their humor and banter! They made me giggle. The nail biting parts made laugh! I just didn’t like the (view spoiler)
I will definitely read this author again though!

♥Rachel♥ Lovely review Shannel! So glad you liked it. Can't wait for our next Smut Monday! :)

Shannel Thank you! Can't wait! I won't be back in town until Wednesday, so I might miss this coming week. But I'll come back ready for more :).

♥Rachel♥ I'm going to be out of town on vacation too, but that can't keep me from Smut Monday! Lol! :)

Laura Jealous of the both of ya! Have fun Ladies! The smut will be here waiting! ;)

♥Rachel♥ Don't worry, Laura, vacation of no vacation, nothing will keep me from Smut Monday! ;)

Shannel I'm armed with five books (one slightly smutty :)) Bring on vacation!

♥Rachel♥ Shannel you should share the titles with us. We need some suggestions for our coming Smut Mondays! :)

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