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Silverwing by Kenneth Oppel
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Mar 21, 12

Silverwing was a really fun book to read. It's about a silverwing bat named shade who gets lost from the rest of his colony in a storm and ends up on an island where he meets a brightwing bat named Marina. Marina joins him while he makes his way to Hibernaculum (at least I think that's what it's called), which is his colony's hibernation home. On the way they meet many other people, two of them are really important, they are the main villains. Their names are Goth and Throbb. If you think about it, they're kind of like batman and robin, Goth is always in charge and comes up with all of their plans. While Throbb on the other hand is more of a sidkick to goth then a real villain. That's all you really need to know! Now won't you please read it too?

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