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Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia
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Jun 07, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: audiobook, series, ya-lit
Read from March 21 to April 07, 2012

This story gave me tingles! Literally chills with hair-standing-on-end. Given the Florida heat that I run in the ability to ‘give me chills’ is the standout feature of this audiobook. The first time the song ’16 Moons’ started playing I had goosebumps! Which brings me to the second feature of experiencing this series as an audio book rather than a physical read…They sing the song to you.

Yes. I said sing.

I’ve always had a hard time with music lyrics in books. I can’t ever figure out a tune. They always end up reading like semi-bad poetry in my head. Then, like in Lord of the Rings or some such book to movie adaptation, when I hear the lyrics sung they affect me so much more. Add layers and richness to a tale or scene. But I’ll be the first to admit I’m not creative enough myself to hear the music in my head. Enter the audio book. Every time the song ’16 Moons’ played I was addicted, I was goose-bumped, I was a little freaked out about what was about to happen to Ethan and Lena. Listening to the song was easily my favorite part of the audio book experience.

However, the plot itself had a few issues. Read no further if you’re not into some light spoilers.

Repeat: Light Spoilers Ahead!

When Ethan and Lena started talking to each other in their minds…I wasn’t exactly on board. It started very close to the beginning of the story and was accepted far too easily. I kept coming back to the easy acceptance of telepathy when Ethan began to have issues with the reality that Lena was a caster (sort of like a witch). The difference in Ethan’s ability to deal with another voice in his head and his capacity to accept a girlfriend who had powers beyond (simple?) telepathy seemed incongruous.

This first book also involved a decent amount of teenage angst. Beautiful Creatures is a little more cliché than the next few in the series (which develop stronger characters). I wish that Ethan and Lena had been given more ‘happy’ moments. The kicker was the Prom. At that point in the story there’s zero hope that Prom will go well for this couple. But even in that scene I wished they had more time before the horror began. A dance maybe? I think Carrie got to eat dinner before the whole bloody bucket scene. In the scope of the series (I’m 3 books in) only Lena seems to keep the angst theme going. So know that if you can get past the beginning of this book the rest of the series will be worth it.

Rating: When I think too hard the story had issues. But the audio during long runs kept me HOOKED! Chills! Loved that.

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