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Red Harvest by Joe Schreiber
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Mar 28, 12

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Read in March, 2012

I enjoyed Death Troopers, Schreiber's previous blending of Star Wars with zombies; in fact, it's one of my favorite books in the EU. The "ghost ship" setting that for the first time gives the reader a sense of how massive a Star Destroyer is, that particular time period at the height of the Empire's power, the image of zombie stormtroopers: all of them combine to make a truly excellent horror novel. Aside from the massive misstep of introducing two unkillable characters into a horror story, it hits all the right notes. I even found myself shocked and dismayed by one unexpected death about half-way through.

This, unfortunately, is not that book. I give Schreiber credit for not hewing to the same formula, and it seems like he is trying to step it up a notch by introducing Sith and Jedi into the equation. [MINOR SPOILERS FOLLOW!] Force-wielding zombies were kind of interesting, but mostly I was confused as to what their specific strengths and abilities were. The characters being stalked by the zombies were mostly quite powerful, which detracted from the fear element significantly. And I, for one, find it hard to feel invested in stories set at nondescript points of the Old Republic period. The writing on this book was also not as tight: I didn't understand the point of the jokey chapter headings, and some of the dialogue is quite terrible. At one point Rojo Trace quotes almost verbatim a monologue from the movie Taken, which was probably meant to be a funny in-joke but totally wasn't.

I did think that the story picked up toward the end, and the Jedi/Sith showdown was actually pretty cool. And there was one particular detail that by itself takes this up from 2 to 3 stars: zombie tauntauns.

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