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Paradise Wild by Johanna Lindsey
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One of Johanna Lindsey's earlier works. I enjoyed it even though the Hero and Heroine aanoyed me at times.
There are a load of misunderstandings which all work out to a satisfying finish.
The emotion is high and very dramatic.
The reader can see Johanna Lindseys complete admiration and love for Oahu/Hawaii-- Which is were she lives currently,I think. She describes a little paradise with lots of agust and drama. Its a place a bright and vivid colours with friendly people who treasure their heritage, yet they are on the brink of revolution. Johanna Lindsey fills in the readers on the history of the politics of Hawaii-and if your like me who enjoys historical facts intertwined with the story, you'll like this.
As much as I hate to admit it but...I really enjoyed this book-It kept my attention and kept me wondering if everything would be resolved in the end.

The heroine,Corinne, was a bit of a pain-she thought highly of her self and didn't take into account the feelings of others. She wants a man who will let her have her freedom-so she can gamble without a husband forbidding her to. Jared(the hero) changes all this, he is aggressive and dominant-everything she dosen't want and he gives off dangourous vibes.
Truth be told, Jared, scared the crap outta me...I felt the danger liping off of him and i was like ''RUNNNN! RUNNN!'' He had moments when he was nice and easygoing but like Corinne is very hotempered.

WARNING-Subjects that readers may be apposed to:
There is a 'Forced Seduction' scene, which is the first love scene between the heroine and hero.

The hero slaps the heroine in one scene out of anger. (I was pissed about both of these 'themes'--they were in the nicest terms possible, unreasonable. I get he was mad at her both times but its no excuse.)

Besides from all the Goods and bads: This gets a solid 3 and a half.
Johanna, knows her stuff and how to keep readers reading. I counldnt stop reading it and i finished it in a couple of hours.

Good read if the reader is okay with the two themes which are listed above.
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Karla I wish I'd enjoyed this one more, but the heroine really was too stupid with the puppies in the shed bait by the villain. :D

Erin True--She was a real twat XD the hero was just a jerk-but i kept reading it.
Johanna is one of my favourite authors i started on her...and haven't stopped XD
Some of her this one. wern;t that good though.

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