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Born to Darkness by Suzanne Brockmann
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Mar 21, 2012

really liked it

Okay I needed a SB fix and I got one. We addicts (and addictions a big deal in this book) can never really think straight but once we have a good shot of our drug, then we do better.

A lot of this book felt too close to eventually possible, a la Handmaid's Tale. When Anna went into the police station and had to pull out her credit card to get real attention..... Ugh. jesus. Yup. And when someone mentioned that obvious fourth branch of the gov't (executive, judicial, legislative and corporate) GGAAAAHHHHHH. So the nightmare world was far more chilling than the other scary things in the book because, man. Too possible.

And because I roll with whining, here's what I didn't like:
Too many couples, too many HEAs. And I'm not sure why that's a problem because I didn't really feel the couples got short-shrifted. I mean they were real people. (The gay guys were a little too perfect but I still liked them. Particularly the doctor who felt like a cheery version of Dave.) So the strange mix of HEA happy and a more frightening (because it felt too real) dystopia than I've read before...felt Strange.

Mac was real and her issues absolutely true--usually when a heroine says she doesn't believe the hero loves her, I roll my eyes. In her case, it's true. The hero lost a little of himself, but that's how it works with Mac. I thought it was good that when he got away from her briefly, he considered heading down to NYC.

my main complaint: Little girls being drained of blood. I mean, holy moly--the puppies weren't available? And the people doing it were physically ugly. It would be far, far scarier if the victims weren't cute and the perps had the sheen of beauty. So that girls vs scarred mangling bad guys was sort of comic book. Which, actually was okay because I was spooked enough.

The magic power paranormally whatsit and the corporation running it, eh, okay. (I bet she'll includ it in the next couple of books and within a book or three, I'll be as addicted to that place as I was to troubleshooters.)

What with the dystopia and the romance and the comic book aspects it did feel like a melange of different sorts of books. I thought I was done with the sort of secret society with superpowers thing, Laurel Hamilton etc, but apparently I'm not. If Brockmann writes more, I'll read them. What happened to Rayonna or whatever that damaged preggers girl's name is? She'd make a hell of a mother.

So if SB goes back into this world, I'll read it and I'll pay the freaking way too-high kindle price too.

4.5 stars...and I'm making it 4 because I'm in a bad mood. Chances are I'll come back and make it 5
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