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Doctor Who by Nicholas Pegg
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Sep 19, 12

Old Soldier and Classic Who
Nicholas Courtney’s Brigadier has appeared with Six out of the Eight classic Doctors, and at last that total comes up to Seven with Colin Baker now joining the pantheon. I’m lead to believe that this story was written for Tom’s Doctor, and when he didn’t what to take part, it was adapted for Colin. Now, as much as I love Tom’s Doctor, and that it would have been better for him to join Big Finish now, the story in this format is so much better.

I want to talk about the cast for a moment. Both Colin and Maggie are as brilliant as in Marian, and even better in this one. Nick Courtney perfectly recreates the old soldier, getting back into the swing of it, whether facing down aliens, UNIT red tape or holding pieces of The Doctor’s equipment, Nick is brilliant. James Bolam (New tricks) is excellent at playing one of the villains. It’s very obvious that he’s the villain, but there are several people who aren’t what they seem. Susan Jameson (Doctor Who Hornet’s nest, Demon quest, Serpent’s crest, New tricks) also appears in a smaller role, but possibly more significant. Toby Longworth, Helen Goldwyn , Nicholas Pegg and a very youthful sounding Barnaby Edwards complete the cast.
Nicholas Pegg’s script is very classic Doctor Who. The country paths, Mansion, Dig site, Ye old English village, very quintessential Doctor Who. The script features very good character drama, and even though it is quite talky, there is plenty of good moments. Dramatic tension is also abounding, and, while the outcome is obvious, it still makes for very good drama.
Alistair Lock has done a superb job on the music, making it sound very epic and really cranks up the tension. This makes the story even more exciting.

All it all, Spectre of Lanyon Moor is a very good old fashioned Doctor Who story, which pulls plenty of old story threads together to create a very old fashioned, but very good, script. How Tom didn’t jump at the chance to record some audios on the strength of this, I don’t know…
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