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The Haskell Road to Logic, Maths and Programming. Second Edition by Kees Doets
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Oct 13, 2012

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bookshelves: programming, haskell, functional-programming, math, mind-tickling
Recommended for: Students of mathematics with an interest in its FP applications
Read from August 17 to October 13, 2012 — I own a copy

Without a doubt, the math contents of this book were over my head. I originally picked The Haskell Road more for its relation to functional programming than to anything else. For this reason, the chapters on induction, recursion and corecursion were more enlightening and understandable than any other section. For a kid with no formal mathematical training, though, the proofs in this book (mostly those in the later chapters) were often beyond my reach.

If an exercise like the following sounds like fun, you'll enjoy this book:

Show that the relation < on N is the transitive closure of the relation R = {(n, n + 1) | n in N}.

In many chapters, the Haskell exercises are few and far between, but were (for me) a lot of fun:

Give a corecursive program for producing the Thue-Morse sequence as a stream.
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08/24/2012 page 40
9.0% "Not bad so far! The book gave a basic introduction to Haskell syntax and is now reviewing sentiential logic."
09/07/2012 page 87
19.0% "My proof skills are subpar, so this is a struggle for me. Sticking with it so that I can improve them!"
10/04/2012 page 147
33.0% "Loved the set theory exercises.. I'm getting good at this! An interesting mathematical parallel of nested ordered pairs to cons cells, as well."
10/07/2012 page 201
45.0% "Relations didn't go too well. Pushing forward.."
10/09/2012 page 258
60.0% "Fun review @ recursive functions on trees and lists."
10/12/2012 page 332
77.0% "Loved the application with Gaussian elimination."
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