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Lacrimosa by Christine Fonseca
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May 01, 2012

it was amazing
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Read on May 01, 2012

Oh, I just loved this book!!!! I absolutely love angel stories, and I was excited to read Lacrimosa with the twist of having the heroine be an angel, too. I started it this morning and I couldn't put it down (yeah, didn't get a lot accomplished around the house today...)!!

Nesy is a 500-year-old member of the Sentinals, warrior angels sent to earth to destroy the Unholy. Her duty this time has her posing as a 17-year-old high school student as she hunts and damns Azzaziel's right hand man. But what she soon discovers is that this fallen angel Aydan was the boy named Adam who stole her heart when she posed as a human so many years ago. Nesy doesn't know how he became one of the fallen, and she's torn between her duty and her love for Aydan. Aydan, having thought Nesy was a human who had died in his arms before they ever got the chance to be together, is struggling now with his decision to turn against the Sentinals centuries ago. The love between them is still so strong, but Aydan's path has led him to pure evil while Nesy has become one of the top warriors of her kind. A battle is looming, and when the lines are drawn, they will be on opposite sides.

Nesy was a great heroine, I loved that she was such a bad-ass angel!! She was tough and strong, but when Aydan comes into the picture she's really thrown. She never expected to see those eyes again, and when she realizes What Aydan has become she's horrified but determined to carry out her duty. Only it's not as easy as it seems!! And Aydan, with his sexy cocky bad-boy attitude, was definitely swoon-worthy! It's disturbing what he's been doing for the centuries since he was once a warrior angel, steeling the souls of the living to feed himself and the other demons. He's just plain evil, but when Nesy comes into the picture he suddenly realized he gave up everything for something that wasn't true. The woman he fell so deeply in love with is still alive, and it puts all of his decisions and actions into a different perspective. Azza has a plan, though, and he's not about to let his protege turn his back on him after everything he's put into place.

I really liked the way this story played out, I love the romance rekindling and the torment that it causes both Nesy and Aydan. They are one of those couples that is just destined to be together, so you can't help but wish for things to turn around for them. But boy, do things ever get worse and worse for them!! Nesy constantly faces scrutiny from the Council for her inaction, and Aydan can't escape Azza's clutches. Just when you think there may be a light at the end of the tunnel, the author throws in a twist that sends things going full-tilt into the 'oooooh, no!' direction!!!! All of this leads up to one scene that was so upsetting to read that I actually had to skim through it a bit, it broke my heart!! Gah! Why did you do that to us, Christine??!! Oh, I was in pieces after reading that and I just wanted to scream "STOOOOOPPP" as it was happening!! But things aren't always what they seem, and despite the unbelievable heartbreak at the end of this book I'm excited with how Lacrimosa leads into the sequel. There's definitely a silver lining, and I can't wait to see more of these awesome characters!!
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Christine Fonseca Thank you Erin for your kind words re the story. I am releasing the short Mea Culpa (Requiem Series, #1.5). by Christine Fonseca in a few days. If you would like your FREE copy early, click here and complete the form.

Erin Christine wrote: "Thank you Erin for your kind words re the story. I am releasing the short Mea Culpa (Requiem Series, #1.5). by Christine Fonseca in a few days. If you would like your FREE copy early, click here and complet..."

Awesome, thanks so much, Christine!!! And congratulations on the success with Lacrimosa, I loved it and can't wait for Libera Me! I'll definitely get my hands on Mea Culpa, I've had it in my TBR since I read Lacrimosa! =)

Christine Fonseca YAY! It definitely bridges the two novels - and adds a little something, I think. ;)

Erin Awesome, because you just killed me with that ending!!! I'll take any added somethings I can get between now and Libera Me!! LOL

Christine Fonseca LOL! Um...yea....I am thinking Libera Me may just "kill you" a little more. Mwahahahahahaha

Erin NOOOOOOO!!!! *plugs ears and hums loudly* I didn't hear that....LOL

Christine Fonseca LOL!!! Just sent MEA CULPA!~

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