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Hollyweird by Terri  Clark
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Mar 20, 2012

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Read from April 20 to 23, 2012

I got to meet Terri Clark at the Colorado Teen Literature Conference in March, and as much as reviewing the books of someone you’ve met, talked to and actually liked is kinda scary, I just knew I had to request Hollyweird when I saw it on Netgalley. First of all, that cover is super cool, and so different from everything else in YA out there right now, and the synopsis just sounds fun, don’t you think?

Hollyweird starts with Aly telling her best friend Des about the contest they won, and needless to say they are both beyond excited to get a free trip to Hollywood to meet THE Dakota Danvers. I loved how Aly and Des seemed like completely normal teenagers, obsessing about meeting a superstar – I would have reacted the same way myself when I was their age. I do wish we had gotten to know them a little better from the start, the introduction feels just a little bit rushed, but everything picks up once the girls make it to L.A.

I really liked reading the story from both Aly and Jameson’s point of view. Whereas Aly is slightly confused about what’s going on, Jameson is determined to stop whatever devilish plans Dakota is working on so he can get his wings back, and so he’s not entirely happy with being sent to “babysit” Aly and Des, and Aly’s fame-hungry big sister Missy. I loved the dynamics in this little group, everyone just went really well together, and the little romance between Aly and Jameson was both sweet and filled with tension.

The main plot was exciting, and even if some of the smaller things were a bit predictable, I really had no idea what Dakota was planning before it was revealed in the story. I think my favorite thing about Hollyweird was the humor, and in particular the text messages from a certain someone up there *looks to the sky*. All in all Hollyweird is a quick, fun read with both romance and action. It might be a better fit for teen readers (I am 25, after all), but I still enjoyed it.

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