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Slated by Teri Terry
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May 03, 12

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Wow, wow wow! Slated is absolutely amazing! I was frantically turning the pages over and over and at one point, it was Sleep vs. Slated and Slated won. This book is unputdownable!

I really enjoyed reading about Kyla, she was a very strong character and I loved how she had her own mind (pardon the pun :P), she was determined and stubborn. She definitely grew as the novel went on, learning and adapting. I liked how she questioned things in her own way, like why she was Slated and who she was before. I can’t even imagine waking up one day and not knowing how to do things or understand certain phrases. Slated is so exciting! You find out some crucial details about Kyla that will keep you on your toes.

I loved how Ben and Kyla’s relationship developed over time. I’m really happy there was no insta-love, which is practically everywhere in YA novels. They started as friends first and their feelings blossomed and they began to really care for each other. I <3 Ben! There’s some major action which happens between Ben and Kyla and I really hope he’s okay! Read it if you want to know what happened ;)

The suspense and tension in Slated nearly killed me. There is a dark heavy atmosphere in the world of Slated - 2054 I think. People casually disappear never to return again and this hangs over the novel. Where are all these people? What’s happened to them? You find yourself constantly asking questions. What happened to Gianelli was a sad moment, I really liked him and wanted to know more about him. I love how he was strong enough to challenge the ‘hush, hush’ attitude in his own way.

There are numerous twists and turns that will leave you gasping and screaming “WHAT?!” I love how Kyla’s ‘Mum’ explained how the Slateds became Slated, the whole history of what and how it all happened. The world building was scary -I would not like to live in this era. There’s action and a general sense of danger and feeling like you’re being watched all the time and if you put one foot wrong it’s game over.

The idea of the Levo’s were definitely interesting, I’ve never heard of anything like them before and it was a wonderfully scary idea. 5-6 is the normal happy level, 10 is absolute joy, 3 is a serious threat and below 2 could cause seizures and even death, so keeping your emotions in check is an important factor. Be thankful you don’t have to wear one whilst reading Slated or it would be jumping all over the place! I read a fact somewhere that depression will be the 2nd biggest killer in 2020 and the idea of the Levo’s controlling moods and emotions made the possibility of them being real, very frightening.

I enjoyed reading about all the characters, Dr. Lysander was a difficult character to try and work out. Is she honestly being nice or does she have some ulterior motive? Hatten. Oh my word! What we learn about him, is a major shocker! Phoebe was a great character to read about, she is really nasty to Kyla but gradually we begin to understand her and see a softer side to her. Mrs. Ali and and Dr. Winston sound terrifying, I would not like to know them in real life! Constantly watching and snooping around, checking for mistakes or errors and having the ability to ‘remove’ that person. I enjoyed reading about Amy too! What we learn about her is so sad, she begged for VS, Voluntary Slating after a terrible life. Aiden is also a tricky character, putting words inside Ben and Kyla’s heads and giving Ben some ‘Happy Pills’ to control his Levo.

Overall, Slated was amazing. It’s got everything, romance, suspense, tension, drama, danger and secrecy! Go and buy this book now you won’t regret it! I cannot wait for Fractured, the second instalment released Summer 2013.

5 out of 5 stars.
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