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Pagan by Andrew  Chapman
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Mar 20, 12

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My first thoughts about this book were “Oh well, another vampire book to add to the horde of similar novels out there. No doubt, a handsome vampire hunter who falls for a beautiful bloodsucker that is misunderstood. A few nasty vampires to give the hero someone to fight and a bit of kiss and cuddle to keep the ladies happy”

Well the book kicked my preconceptions right between the legs. This book is the antidote to all those pasty faced vampire that are so prevalent in the media today. From the start this story has one overall message “Vamps are evil blood sucking monsters and they are corrupting our media to turn us all into sheep.” You get this message from the first page and what follows is an adrenalin fuelled ride that has more bite than a shark with rabies.

The story follows Jack “Pagan” Henderson, an ex-SAS soldier who is now the UK’s leading vampire hunter and poster boy for the “Ministry” and their attempts to counter the vampire propaganda machine. Standing side by side with him is a team of fellow hunters who all share his hatred for the blood suckers, although all for their own reasons.

Andrew Chapman is a Brit now living in the US and the book takes place in the UK with all the main characters being Brits as well. The book has a very British feel to it with a few references that non Brits may not understand. The story couldn’t be any more British if it came wrapped in a Union Jack. So I wonder how this novel will translate Stateside. Saying that I enjoyed this book very much, in fact I read it and bought Crusader” the next in the series the same day. The story had me enthralled from page one while the characters jumped out of the page and straight into my imagination. This is the stuff of adolescence dreams; guns, monsters and sexy sidekick.

What else could a guy want for a bit of entertainment were you don’t need to engage your brain, in fact leave your brain on the shelf as your senses will be taking your imagination for a ride.

This isn’t great literature, but it is pure, unadulterated fun with a huge slice of excitement on the side. I read to be entertained and that what Pagan does with ease. Andrew Chapman is an author who has won a place on my “must read” list of authors. If you are tired of vampire novels were the vamps are the underdog or you want a bit of boys own excitement then you can’t go wrong with Pagan.
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