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The Dead Girls' Dance by Rachel Caine
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Mar 20, 2012

it was amazing
Read from March 01 to 03, 2012

Amelie the founder protected the house. Shane told his story about Alyssa his sister. About his family. Shane's dad came. Frank. Had a plan to kill vamps. Shane got in trouble. Now in a cage. Gonna die. Be killed with fire along w/ of His dad's biker friend. Eve had a new job in campus. Some jerks came. Ian who Claire thought he was nice, invited her to the party. EpsilonEpsilon Kappa. Or EEK frat. Claire asked for help from Amelie but turned her down. Claire went to Oliver. Even bargained just to save Shane. The cop with Claire stopped Claire. Cauz it was a stupid decision. Went home. Eve had a plan to kill vamps. Brought out the stakes n crosses. Plan was stupid. Michael locked Eve in her room. Michael hated himself for not being able to do anything! Sam was Michael's grandpa. Michael n Eve argued. It was night time. Claire Called the coffee shop Eve worked b4 n asked 4 Sam. Said he was in the zombie thing party. Michael n Eve stared at Claire n she said to them "the power of technology. Embrace it." it made me smile. Claire went to the Zombie dance thing with Eve. Claire thought wrong about Ian. He was also an ass. Claire was drugged. Sam & Eve came to the rescue. Sam called Ian "O Positive" and Ian was like " Oshit did u just call me by my blood type!?" that made me laugh! :)) something happened. It was all bloody. Sam told Eve, Claire and the boys to go inside the closet. All were silent n scared. Claire didnt know whose hand she was holding. Later found out it was Ian and he looked at her differently. The boys said they were sorry! Said Monica's idea. Michael asked Amelie to make him a vampire. He now is. Frank, Shane's dad left. Shane now free. Shane shocked that Michael was out of the house. Amelie sent Claire roses and a letter asking her to serve her.

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