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The Divide by Aubrey Clark
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Mar 21, 12

did not like it

I hate that they did this. Just give her series to someone else and use her name! I was so excited when I thought that there would be another Secret Circle book because I LOVED this series. I won't read it now because it's not written by L.J. Smith someone is taking her characters and they can do anything and everything with them and I'm afraid that it will end wrong. Because it ended perfectly now but they can't continue that because that's not exciting so they will change stuff and the ending will probably suck (when they're finally done taking money from teens by writing a ton of bad sequels) and you can never get your ending back. Once you've read these books you can never unread them, you can never forget what happened and it will ruin the series. I just hate this I won't read it and I will never ever buy it.
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Stella Ohhhh my God.... *FACEPALM*

If you didn't read it, DON'T rate it! Here, put this dunce-cap on and go sit in the corner for ten minutes. That'll teach you.

message 2: by Marion (new)

Marion Kuehne You're clearly not getting the point of her review, Stella. These books weren't written by the author because from what I understand she didn't read the fine print of her contract that gave the rights to the heartless, soulless, money-grubbing publisher to her books (let that be a lesson to any upcoming author to read every damn bit of their contract lest they lose their stuff too). She NEVER intended these books are the Vampire Diaries to go in this direction and wouldn't write what the publisher wanted, which makes sense because these worlds and characters were BORN from her mind not theirs.

Yet they took her creations and gave them to someone else who didn't care and would do what they wanted so they could make more money. The writing and characters aren't even the same under the ghost writer. As a reader and a writer myself, I find what they did to her as a kind of a rape.

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