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Switched by Amanda Hocking
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Mar 19, 2012

it was ok

......well that was, that was rather disappointing.
Amanda Hocking is quite well known these days in the indie books' section. After falling in love with her with her other book, Hollowland, I moved on to this book, Switched. Major disappointment. I'm not quite sure what all the good review are saying. Though Hocking's writing style wasn't perfect and her plot was only so-so, I still loved all the characters in Hollowed. The book still pulled me in. This book? Not so much.

I admit the whole troll/changeling concept was pretty orginal and cool. But it could have been excueted better. A lot better. The writing is poor at best and the plot was just...flat. Disappointing. And of course, my most hated cliffhanger endings. Actually, I'm even fine with cliffhangers if the book was good enough and answered some questions. This book answered none and felt like the author literally chopped the book into parts so she could make more money off of people. And my other most hated book quality: dull characters. With characters like Wendy, I could not get into the book at all.

Wendy who falls in love with the stereotypical "I-love-you-but-can't-have-you-for-the-better-good" boy, has the stereotypical "I-pretend-to-love-you-but-I-really-don't" mean mother, the "Keeping-secrets-were-for-your-own-good-and-I-still-love-you" fake and super-protective mom, "Kind-of-rebellious-yet-sort-of-perfect" friends, and every other stereotype you can't think of. *Sighs*

Oh and how could you forget Wendy herself. The bratty, whiney, "Bella-like" teenage girl with drastic mood swings, way too much angst, and giving up/forgetting everything for the sake of her beloved boy that she met, what, like a few weeks ago? Oh god, how painfully lame and unoriginal.

Overall, just a meh book that seemed to drain my emotions as I read on.

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