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Intangible by Jen  Meyers
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Mar 22, 12

really liked it
Read in March, 2012

“Four Stars: A creative paranormal YA fantasy book, loaded with magical beings and features gifted twins. 

Luke cringes as the terrifying vision flees his mind.  As a seer, he is used to these sudden impending images of future events.  This time, fear strikes into the depths of his soul.  He  just witnessed his twin sister Sera's death.  Frightened he seeks out the comfort of his sister's company, only to find at one o'clock in the morning, her bed is empty.  Meanwhile, Sera ducks into a hospital room to lay her healing hands on a friend's extremely ill mother.  Luke is the Seer and Sera the Healer.  Sera, is always willing to help those who are hurt and suffering.  With her warming touch, she can heal.  Yet, neither Sera or Luke can control their gifts.  She can't direct her healing powers, and he can't alter the future.  Change is on the wind, though.  Sera on her way home from the hospital, accompanied by her beautiful best friend, Fey, bumps into a an unusual man in the shadows.  This is just the beginning of the strange encounters to come.  Later, Sera inadvertently uses her powers to heal a bleeding woman on the street.  The result sets in motion a dangerous series of events, that soon lead some dangerous people right to the twins.  Suddenly, Luke and Sera are surrounded by people, who are not who they seem to be, and with them comes danger.  There is an old prophecy that foretells of twins, who will have the power to change the balance of power.  Are the twins the ones in the prophecy? Can Luke find a way to change the future? 

What I Liked:
*I loved the twins, Luke and Sera.  I admired their deep, close bond.  The two are inseparable.  I liked that the story centered around a brother and sister and the love they have for each other, instead of a typical romance.  In fact, I enjoyed that for the most part, this book doesn't have a romance. There are indications of a developing romance, but it is a small part of the story.  If you are bored of the typical paranormal YA romance novels, then you should give Intangible a try.  It is unique.
*I enjoyed the inclusion of numerous magical/paranormal beings.  This book has elves, shadows, vampires and humans with special gifts.  I like the way the author was able to blend all the entities into one cohesive story.
*I admit, I am a bit tired of vampires.  They are everywhere, and consequently,  they have become common.  Ms. Meyers, however, gives us a vampire, Jonas, who is mysterious and dangerous.  He isn't the dreamy, sparkly type that girls swoon over.  He is edgy, dark and honestly a bit scary.  I appreciated that he is a character that kept me guessing the entire book.  He is always there on the fringes watching, waiting, and I spent the majority of the time wondering about his true intentions.  Is he out to harm the twins, especially Sera?  Even as events unfold, after the end I am still forming conjectures on his intent towards Sera. 
*The author incorporates numerous points of view into the story line.  I know that many readers aren't particularly fond of many voices in a novel.  Do not hesitate over this feature.  Ms. Meyers manages to give us several character view points: Sera, Luke, Marc and Jonah.  She blends all of them seamlessly and I had no problem with the alternating points of view.  In fact it works really well in this book.
*I really enjoyed the selfless nature of Sera.  She is always quietly using her gift to help others, whether it be healing, alleviating stress, making someone mentally feel better or protecting friends from bullying.  Her altruistic nature is remarkable and refreshing.  She is a character who is easy to love.
And The Not So Much:
*I only have a few minor considerations, first I thought the book lacked just a bit of detail on the light and dark elves.  There was very little information on these beings in the story, I was drawn to Fey, a light elf, but ended up not knowing very much about her.  Hopefully, in the next book there will be more on the elves, especially the dark ones.
*Quinn, he is a minor character that kept popping up in the story, who was he?  At the end he reveals something surprising to the twins, leaving me wondering even more about him.  I am anxious to see if he will have a bigger role in the upcoming book.
*I can't say that I completely believed the final reaction that Marc had toward the twins.  His behavior went against all of his previous actions.  It just felt jarring.  I don't think his decision was in line with his feelings and thinking.  I am interested to see how he will return.
*This is a small point, the author weaves a great story and it flows well, but it did lag just a bit in the middle, nothing that should deter you, because it does pick up at the end and the finale is dangerous and exciting. The book concludes with a neat resolution, but she leaves the door open by laying out some tantalizing ideas to follow in the sequel. 
* I sensed that their might be the possibility of a love triangle, and I am fervently hoping that does not come to fruition. 

If you are bored of the mainstream paranormal, and you are wanting to try something outside the typical story lines, pick up Intangible.  Luke and Sera are two refreshing and like-able characters, with unique abilities.  This is a book that mixes many supernatural entities to create an exciting mystery.  I enjoyed Intangible, and I look forward to seeing how the twins will evolve.  If you would like to check out a sampling of these characters you can download a free, short prequel, Intuition, on Amazon. 

Favorite Quotations:

“Fey was breathtaking---she smiled and people melted, she talked to you and you felt all giddy and warm inside.”

“The world, he thought, would smell a lot better if people would lay off the perfume.”

“I didn’t want to be a monster anymore.”  “Humans can be monsters, too.”

“I’m tired of fighting to stay alive--but-dead.  I’m tired of watching from the outside as people live.”

“Crisp autumn air billowed the curtains, swirled into her room.  She breathed it in gratefully.  It smelled cold, sharp.  The first hint of the winter to come.”

“Here was a person with secrets, she thought.  Just like her.”

“He could feel the anticipation of classes ending as the collective thoughts of everyone in the building swelled quicker and louder, before bursting into firecrackers of sounds as soon as the last bell rang.”

“I wanted you both so desperately.  From my soul I wanted you.”

“She could feel her defenses collapsing as she kissed him deeper and deeper, and she let this beautiful boy deeper and deeper into her soul.”

“She inhaled deeply.  The air smelled like the promise of snow.””
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