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Apr 21, 12

Read from April 14 to 21, 2012

I love Gena Showalter's LOTU series but so far her alien huntress series has yet to impress me. There is something about reading PNR in first person that just disinterests me.

In this book we have Eden Black, who works for her adopted father as an assassin. Basically, she is sent to kill aliens or humans that other government sects cannot. Like A.I.R. can't kill humans, so she would be sent in. Anyways Eden misses killing her target, EenLi, and instead is injured herself. When she wakes up, after thirteen days, she is told that her mission has changed and she has a new partner. Basically, her job is to figure out how portals open up to other worlds and then kill EenLi after they figure it out.

Eden doesn't want a partner and neither does her new partner, Lucius, want one either. So they throw words back and forth, Eden calls Lucius dumb and Lucius brings up the fact that Eden failed and is a girl and a raka, a very peaceful race. Sensual tension and banter ensues. Once the figure out who EenLi is connected to, Lucius comes up with a plan to go in a rich stalker freak who is obsessed with Eden. Eden will get kidnapped, aliens have no rights, and sold, hopefully to Lucius. They then plan that Lucius will want to hide Eden on another planet and they will be able to figure out how portals work that way. Of course, plans don't work out as hoped but we still get our HEA at the end.

I do like this book more than the first one. This is definitely more PNR than the first one since we meet Eden's love interest early on. Eden is also a little bit better character than Mia. I liked the banter between Lucius and Eden in the first half of the book. Yet, I still had major issues with this book. Once Eden wakes up after thirteen days, she is told to be ready for her next mission in three days. During the early morning hours after she wakes up, Lucius tells her to come to the gym and train. She does, despite her soreness and pain, and then Lucius wants to practice against her, no hold bar for her injuries. Despite being injured, Eden still pretty much holds her owns, if not even being a little better than Lucius. SO after thirteen days of sleep, she is still amazingly awesome. O.O

That is my main issue with this book, Eden is so great and strong and magnificent at her job that her constant need to prove herself and make everything a bet is annoying. Also, she pretty much out does Lucius at every turn that it is kind of laughable. Lucius doesn't even appear on my hero radar. Really, he stinks as a hero. He pretty much is in angry mode or lust mode for half of the book and then we don't get to see him much until the end where he is saved by Eden. At first he treats Eden like shit until she proves herself over and over again which makes him angry than lustful, blah, blah, blah. Then he turns into an Eden fan, believing she can do everything. He does show a protective/possessive/alpha side but by then, I'm like, why? Who cares? Eden is obviously super woman and doesn't need his protection.

Besides Eden being super woman, she is also annoying and acts like a spoiled brat most of the time. Yeah, yeah, she was a spoiled brat as a teenager until she decided to become an assassin but obviously she didn't out grow it. She prejudges everybody even though later she is proven wrong every time. Oh, and every guy wants to have sex with her because you know all that gold skin is just hot. UGHH!

The plot was actually pretty good though. I liked it better than the first book, but then again, I love assassin plots. I wished Eden was more grown up and that Lucius actually had some balls and then this book would have actually been good.

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04/16/2012 page 13
04/17/2012 page 42
14.0% "Hmm, don't know if I like the love interest Lucius. He seems to believe that women shouldn't be doing certain jobs or my like that can't cause men will are always going to be better at it. =( Hope Eden shoves her greatness in is face."
04/17/2012 page 42
14.0% "Hmm, don't know if I like the love interest Lucius. He seems to believe that women shouldn't be doing certain jobs or more like they can't cause men are always going to be better at it. =( Hope Eden shoves her greatness in is face."
04/17/2012 page 42
14.0% "Hmm, don't know if I like the love interest Lucius. He seems to believe that women shouldn't be doing certain jobs or more like that can't cause men are always going to be better at it. =( Hope Eden shoves her greatness in is face."
04/18/2012 page 79
26.0% "I'm not really liking any of the main characters. They have good banter together but Eden acts like a spoiled brat and Lucius is either angry or lusting after Eden."
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message 1: by Neyra ♦ (new)

Neyra ♦ Oh no :( I was hoping this book would be better...

You know what though, I read in Gena's blog that for this series, we should start with the 3rd book -__- I wish I'd known that, maybe we'd both be a little less hesitant towards these books. Lol

Winter yeah, I hoped it would be better too. *sigh*
I figured the 3rd book is probably better but I like to read a series in order. I don't have book three but I do have book 4 and 5. Maybe I'll read them before I get 3 so I can make sure the series get better without wasting any more money.
I also believe book 3 is when she got a new publisher for the series. They probably made her go to 3rd person which I am very grateful for. I really hate first person PNR. Damn it, I want a sex scene from the guys point of view, lol. ;)

message 3: by Neyra ♦ (new)

Neyra ♦ yea so do i cause then you have questions that only the first couple books can provide, and it's just a mess trying to figure out what the hell is going on smh... and I hope the series gets better, if not, man what a waste of time..

lol man me too. I love the sex scenes from guys pov's *.* it's always much better, especially if the guys hot x] so yes, i'm glad she got a new publisher as well :D maybe it was the publisher that caused the books to be bad?

Winter I would have given up by now if I didn't know Gena Showalter can write really good books/characters. I really hope the series is much better when it goes into third person. If it doesn't, what a waste of money and time. *sigh* Right now I'm going to take a break from the series and read some urban fantasy. I need to remind myself that character like Eden and Lucius don't exist in my book world no more. Seriously, Lucius is a wimp at the end, basically giving up until Eden came to save the day. *gag*

As for the publisher, it could be possible that they made the book bad. Some authors get an idea (PNR in first person) and they need a good editor to dissuade them from the dark side, lol.

message 5: by Neyra ♦ (new)

Neyra ♦ -__- Well that doesn't look good for the males of the series, so far both the males have failed to catch our interest ( me the first book, you this one), and lets not even begin to talk about the females... *sigh* So yes, I agree that you should refresh your brain cause it must be on alpha-male-heroes-gone-soft overload. smh. I'm all for alpha females but when they have to save the men cause they're wimps, no.. just no.

Lol, true. Ugh and good thing too cause LOTU would've been bad, and Angels of the Dark is coming up soon ^-^ !!

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