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Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick
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Mar 19, 2012

really liked it
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Ivan Rosado

The book Wonderstruck was written and illustrated by Brain Selznick. He has written and illustrated many books that have been nominated for awards. The book Wonderstruck is about family coming together after many years apart. It is also about people making friends and people feeling lonely. This book is a mixture of adventure, sadness, and happiness. The narrator is one of the main characters. The point of view is second person because Rose is talking. The book is about a character that didn’t know who his dad was. He meets new friends along the way. And then the character meets a woman who is his grandmother.

The story takes place in 2 cities. The first part of the story takes place in Gunflint Lake, and the rest of the story takes place in New York City. The story takes place in the 1900’s most of the time during the day but there are some times in the illustration where the story is at night. The setting cannot change because the setting leads the main character to find his father. The setting in the story is very important because it ties in with the plot.

The first character is the main character and his name is Ben. Ben is about 9 or 10 years old. He resembles his dad. I feel bad for him because he seems so lonely. Ben is a nice kid and all he wants is somebody that loves him. The second character is Rose she is Bens grandmother. She is a very caring lady. She also seems sad because her son died but now that she finally reconnects with Ben she is very happy. She is helpful to others and she shows it when Ben falls on the stairs and she helps him. The third character is a boy named Jamie. Jamie is very humble. He helps Ben because he gives Ben food when Ben is starving. He also gives Ben shelter and a bed.

Ben is a kid who lives with his cousin because his mom died. Ben went to the house were his mother lived and saw a book that was called Wondersrtuck. Ben picked up the book and opened it and a lot of papers came out. He looked at them and on one of them had a phone number and address. Ben read the address and left the house and went there which was in New York. That address was his father’s address. Ben went to the address that was on the paper, which is where he thought his father lived, but he father was not there. Then Ben noticed a post card with a museum and decided to go to a museum. He was hoping he could find something at the museum that would help him find his dad. A boy named Jamie came up to Ben at the Museum and started talking to him. They were looking at a painting of wolves. A lady came and started looking at the painting to so they left. They went to the basement and finished talking. Ben went to the library saw the lady again. Ben went down the stairs and fell down the stairs and the lady helped him. Ben had a locket around his neck and then the lady picked it up and gave him a hug. That lady was Bens grandmother. So she told him every thing. And that is how Ben met Rose.

Bens determination to find his dad leads him to find his grandmother. One of Bens lessons was not to give up and he did not and at the end of the story he meets his grandmother who will love him and take care of him. Being kind to others will make others want to help you with your problem. And Ben being nice to Jaime made Jaime want to help Ben find his dad. Also, Jaime missing his dad really made him want to help Ben cause Jaime knows how wonderful it is to have his father.

I like how Ben went to New York City by himself and he was not scared to travel by his self. I think the setting was the most compelling element because of the museum. The museum had so much information and it tied Ben, his dad, and his grandmother all together. I would recommend this book to my cousin Matthew because he likes to read and he likes museums, and I think we would enjoy the characters and the plot for sure.


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