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Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
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Apr 14, 2012

did not like it
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Read from April 11 to 13, 2012

Actual rating: 1.5 stars


Just blegh.

By the first ten pages, you realize that Grace is completely obsessed with a wolf. She won't date because of the wolf. It's a wolf, woman. Ok, sure the wolf isn't a wolf. He's a shapshifter/werewolf. But she didn't know that. Blegh.

What's next? The horrid Insta-Love. o_o Sam and Grace kissed by pg. 87. They had sex by pg. 310. Don't tell me it's true love. It's not. They have "known" each other for six years and for the most part, he was a wolf. -_-

Maybe I'm unromantic, but I don't suddenly say I"ll never love anyone else again once I see Fido.

Grace annoyed me. A lot. She is so reliant on Sam. Sheneedsto be with him or she falls apart. Grrrr. She makes me annoyed. From the moment she looked at Sam, she was all "I woooovvee you, cooommme wooovvve meee!"

It's nauseous.

Then, after a few weeks/months, when her parents are out of the house, what does she do? She goes and has sex with him. That just disgusted me.

Sam was cute, but nothing special. I didn't hate him, nor like him. The song lyrics was pretty tacky and overdone. One draw back is that Sam stalked Grace for 6 years (or so). Sam was also possessive.

The mother made me want to scream. The dad was the same.

Isabel was entertaining and arrogant. She happened to be my favorite character in the book.

The plot fell through in many places. It was boring. Like, really boring. I only found myself interested by the end, mostly because of Olivia. She wasn't an amazing character, but I felt intrigued.

I guessed the entire plot from the first few pages which is one of the worst things that can happen. I never really thought this book would amount to anything but still...

What I liked/disliked:

Sam wasn't controlling
Grace was intelligent
No love triangle!

Sam was a stalker
Grace only thought of Sam
Grace's parents
Teen sex: Grace forced Sam to have sex with her.
Boring story

Favorite Character: Isabel

Favorite Quote:

Sensitive," I tried.
Sam translated: "Squishy"
"Dangerously emo."
"Feng shui."

Grace and Sam

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04/11/2012 page 22
6.0% "I'm on page 22 and I'm already cringing. She's in love with an animal. -__-"
04/12/2012 page 60
15.0% "What boy would say "I was a leaking womb...."?"
04/12/2012 page 87
22.0% "Insta love is making it worse...."
04/12/2012 page 210
54.0% "Ok. How the hell does Grace know what wolf pee smells like?"
04/13/2012 page 310
79.0% "They just met maybe a month or two ago and they're having sex?"
04/13/2012 page 385
99.0% "Eghhhh"

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Green.T. Great review. You're so right, Isabel was the most entertaining character.

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