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Villette by Charlotte Brontë
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Mar 19, 2012

really liked it
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I know Dr John Graham Bretton didn't hurt Lucy intentionally, and he wasn't even aware that he hurt her, but STILL he hurt her. So even though he's kind and is admittedly a caring person, I still don't like him. I hate him just because he hurt Lucy so much--even if he did so unintentionally.

Also, I hope you don't mind me being cynical, but is it just me, or does Dr John only fancy pretty girls? First Ginevra, then Paulina! He will never take a second look at non-pretty girls. I'm not saying that he ONLY needs looks. I'm just saying that prettiness is his PREREQUISITE to his considering a girl for his mate. Of course she has to possess moral and intellectual qualities too, but she must be beautiful or else he won't even consider her no matter if she is morally and intellectually inferior, or morally and intellectually equal to, or even superior to, him.

M. Paul's a lot better. He actually gives Lucy special care and attention. Graham was just kind to Lucy because he's kind to everyone--kind to all his patients--and family members. M. Paul was kind to Lucy because she's Lucy. M. Paul's love and attention is individualized. Graham's "love and attention" is generalized, or spread to categories, it's not for Lucy the person herself. Argh Graham really annoys me.

Perhaps the chief thing that annoys me is that: I'm not sure if Graham even considered Lucy a friend. Was that true friendship? Or was that mere kindness to his patients and kindness to his "god sister"? Did he ever love, care about, or value her as an individual? (In the friendship way I mean.) Not as a "patient" or "god sister"?
What shocked me was that even Graham himself said that he had been quite a "brute" to Lucy. So even he realized that.
Had he ever felt any true love, true regard, or a trifling of true friendship for Lucy?

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