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The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa
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Mar 19, 2012

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Rating: 3/5

I tend to avoid Harlequin Teen books. Overall, they generally are lackluster for me. Fortunately, I overlooked my prejudice and gaveThe Iron King, the first book in this series a chance. I read the next few books within a week and I placed this book on my to read list. As my to read list is very long, I had finally got to this book this week.

Unfortunately, I thought this book was okay. I remember reading the other books in the series and always anticipating on what was going to happen next. If I had to take a pause from the book (i.e. go to class or work) I remembered being a bit antsy, from wanting to know what happens next. This book I didn’t give that feeling. It took me a whole week to finish, not because it was horrible but because I had things to do (i.e. go to my real job now, and do house work). I didn’t feel the need to read it one sitting. It could wait. Which is a bad thing for a book. Books shouldn’t be able to be put down.

There were two main problems for me. One: there was no lasting tension throughout the book. There were small moments here and there, that build a small tension but as soon as the scene was over so was that tension (the trials…or most notably the finding of the seer). With the end of the last book, we know that Ash swore to find a way to be with Meghan. For some reason, that purpose couldn’t hold this book over with interest though it should have.

The other Iron Fey books read like a journey much like this one, but for me they felt more alive. This one fell short. The Iron Knightcame off as a purely fantastical journey without the magic. I think this issue came down to the characters. I liked Puck in the other books. Here, he was downright annoying. Yeah, so they all suffer differently… but Puck I disliked very much, so much that maybe he should have… instead of her… well, I’m not going to spoil things. Ash was emo kid. He had reasons to act that way, but it got plain, boring after a while. I cared about his situation, just not enough.

Kagawa had stated that the publisher had persuaded her to write this final novel for a happy ending and she alluded thatThe Iron Queen was her planned final book. The happy ending was there, but I don’t feel overly happy about it (not in a bad way, I’m just not jumping for joy, or gushing about the book).

Overall, the book gave the series a happy end. It wasn’t horrible, but the lack of overall tension throughout the book and the over amplified characteristics of the characters dragged the book down.

Verdict: Check it out from the library.

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