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Tangled by Carolyn Mackler
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Mar 19, 2012

it was amazing

Tangled follows the lives of four teenagers over a four-month period. Jena, Skye, Dakota, and Owen each narrate one month, starting with the month when their lives collided at a beach resort. Jenna, a quirky, quote collector girl who wants a more interesting life. Dakota, who's girlfriend just died and decides to leave his player self for a new person. Also a actress/model named Skye who is playing a role so her mom doesn't know she is depressed, and Owen who must take a leap from living life on his computer to reality. When they are all intertwined through "Paradise" a resort in the Caribbean, each of them change there lives.

I picked up this book because of my history with this author. Years and years and years ago, when I was still a little girl (Or.. in grade 7. haha, one year older! ), the first book I picked up in the schools library was called: The earth, My butt, And other big round things by Carolyn Mackler. And boy, was i HOOKED on her writing! She is the lady who got me to LOVE reading. So, since I've read her other book, I thought that this book would be super good as well. And wasn't that an understatement! I love love LOVE her writing style, and the way she could tell a story and make you fall into it, or in love with one of her characters.

I finished this book because... well... I just couldn't and wouldn't put the book down. It went from breathtakingly beautiful, to spontaneously riveting, to full of lust, to full of love, and back to beautiful. I just couldn't... No, I WOULDN'T let myself put the book down. I just loved EVERYTHING about it.. It was.. well... Breathtaking.

Well, I don't, and WON'T find it fair if I didn't talk about my favorite character. Out of the four, Owen was my ALL TIME favorite one. He was so funny, so adorable, so... well... geeky, that I just COULDN'T not love him. Carolyn Mackler developped his character so AMAZINGLY that im jealous of her awesome skills. Owen may be geeky, and funny, and anti-social... But he is just... so AMAZING that I just COULDN'T not love him. Siigh !

I would STRONGLY recommend this book to my friend named Erika. She would LOVE LOVE LOVE this book (Not more than I would though. haha). I give this book 5/5. I dont think I could ever find any book as romantic, funny, and cute as this one.


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