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Goliath by Scott Westerfeld
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Mar 21, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: action-packed, great-characters, girl-power, little-romance, love-the-protag, multiple-narrators, sci-fi, talking-cats, own
Recommended for: everyone should at least give this trilogy a shot
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To everyone who loves a long-secret romance, revealed at last.

Oh, what a beautiful dedication. Just reading it made me more hopeful about the conclusion of the romantic plot, even before reading the first chapter.

This was a great book. I'm unsure how to compare it to its predecessors, but rest assured that it's just as good, if not better. According to me.

So, it has come as a bit of a surprise to me that I've enjoyed the Leviathan trilogy so much. At first glance it doesn't seem like my kind of thing at all. The Darwinist/Clanker technologies are interesting, but nothing that gets me excited. I'm not into war fiction, and historical fiction has been very hit-or-miss in the past.

The reason I love these books is the characters. So in this review I will try to briefly illuminate these people. They are real and don't try to tell me they're not.

Alek. He is nearly heartbreaking with his unique blend of naive hopefulness and high sense of honor. This boy is serious to the core. So unlike the male heroes of most YA books these days. (view spoiler)

Deryn. I've probably been unfair to Mr. Sharp in my previous reviews. Alek had taken hold of my heart and I had no room for her. Fear no more, dear, for now I am all yours! What I appreciated about her was how different she was from His Serene Highness. Deryn is spontaneous, irreverent, and recklessly brave. Not to mention a bit of a show-off. I love the description of her as the "bell captain" and I long to be one myself. Only in my dreams, sadly.

Bovril. LOVE. He/she/its perspicacious-ness was only getting stronger in this final installment! I found myself longing, absolutely longing, for a Leviathan movie, simply to get to bask in Bovril's cuteness on the big screen. Bovril forever.

Tesla. Aka MR. BAMF. Fighting off multiple monstrous Russian fighting bears with just his walking stick was a fitting introduction for this marvelous man. Yes sir. (view spoiler)

Count Volger. He is consistently great. Also, the Count was responsible for one of my favorite lines (in response to Alek irritably telling Volger to have some faith in him): "I have great faith, tempered with vast annoyance."

Honorable Mentions go out to Dr. Barlow, Klopp, Miss Rogers the girl reporter (LOVE HER), and the Leviathan itself. ABSOLUTELY NO LOVE WHATSOEVER goes out to Eddie Malone. Bum-rag.

(view spoiler)

I'm going to wrap this up with a quote that made my heart swell with joy and I kind of want to cry:

"Let others wage war. You, lucky Austria, shall marry."

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Quotes Erin Liked

Scott Westerfeld
“Let others wage war. You, lucky Austria, shall marry.”
Scott Westerfeld, Goliath

Scott Westerfeld
“That letter was your whole future, you daft prince."
"It was my past. I lost that the night my parents died. But I found you, Deryn. Maybe I wasn't meant to end the war, but I was meant to find you. I know that. You've saved me from having any reason to keep going."
"We save each other. That's how it works.”
Scott Westerfeld, Goliath

Scott Westerfeld
“Have a little faith in me, Volger."
"I have great faith, tempered with vast annoyance.”
Scott Westerfeld, Goliath

Scott Westerfeld
“To everyone who loves a long-secret romance, revealed at last.”
Scott Westerfeld, Goliath

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Monique Slade The dedication consumed me. I still get goosebumps when I read those words.

Erin It is just so perfectly phrased.

message 3: by Crosly (new)

Crosly Anderson Nice review, pal. Are you still alive, btw? XD

Erin I think I have revived... and I just got this book for Christmas, incidentally! Yay.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I really didn't like the reporters. Eddie is a bum rag covered in clart. Adela was just stubborn.

Maddie "Let others wage war. You, lucky Austria, shall marry."
-Alek, Goliath

Not so subtle hint that mr. Alek is going to marry Deryn!!!!!!!!

Maddie "I have great faith, tempered with great annoyance."
Awesome!!!!! GO VOLGER!
I swear that my gramma thought I was crazy when I started to giggle about this on our road trip.

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