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The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame
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Mar 19, 2012

really liked it
Read in August, 2009

This tale captured my imagination as a child and is a story that many readers will admit to having a soft spot for, as it is a witty, heartfelt and most enjoyable read that one can appreciate either young or old. The characters are all uniquely captivating & interesting, each with thier own traits and personalities that you cannot help but love them. It is a story that is centered around friendship and unity and is in posession of really strong themes that make it such a popular read for years and years to come. It is not just a mere childrens story but a tale that will touch your very heart and make you apreciate all that life has to offer, with the importance of friends & family at the forefront. It is so beautifully written that one cannot help but get lost within Kenneth's creation, as well as being brimmed full of action & drama that will leave you sitting on the edgeof your seat. It is also the clashes such as the characters of Mole and Toad who completely juxtapose one another, that make the storyline that much more compelling & enjoyable and i found myself many a time in fits of laughter at the Toads exploits & adventures. Anyone can relate & empathise with this particular tale because we have all known people who resemble in some way the characters and personalities of Ratty, Mole a badger or even a Toad, which you don't have to be a young child to connect with. It was beautifully descriptive, vivid and realistic that made you feel as if you were standing next to the characters; whether that be in Mole's hole with dripping whitewashed walls or gazing upon Toad's new shiny motorcar. It really is a delightful read that will have you smiling throughout and i would certainly recomend it to any type of reader regardless of having a preferance as to book genre, because it is the type of book that appeals to all. Delightful, mesmirising and exciting and most of all such fun that will have you saying "I enjoyed that adventure!".
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