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The Choice by Nicholas Sparks
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Mar 18, 2012

it was amazing

The Choice

By: Nicholas Sparks

Sept. 2007

Romance/ Novel

This story, along with many others of Sparks’ books, takes place in North Carolina, in a town called Beaufort. It was when Gabby Holland moved into the house next door, things in Parker's life changed. Gabby had been indifferent to Travis’ attempts to be friendly at first. She had a boyfriend, Kevin, for the past 3 years and was committed, even if Kevin was somewhat afraid of it. In fact, she had moved to North Carolina to be nearer to him. It was when she suspected that her dog was pregnant and that she thought Parker's dog was responsible for it, she stormed into his house. She was continuously amazed by how intently he listened to what she was saying and how inconsiderate she realized her current boyfriend to be. Later, Gabby leaves her boyfriend to be with Travis who was currently fighting his internal feelings and emotions towards Gabby. She had to choose between two worlds, the one her mother would’ve preferred with the financially stable husband or the one Travis offers her, which is so full of life and excitement. However, the real choice doesn’t come until the end when Travis must decide, and make a decision that will change both their lives forever, for better or for worse.

There are many themes presented in this story, as are in many of the author’s novels. One of the major ones in this book was “What would you do for love? And how far are you willing to go?” This theme was demonstrated even before the two had met when Gabby decided to move out to North Carolina to be closer to Kevin. Later in the novel, Travis visits the hospital everyday to check on his beloved wife and her continuously worsening condition. Travis loved her so unconditionally, that he was willing to visit her everyday in her coma, not sure if she would ever awaken or if she would remember him if she did.

The structure of this story was to parallel some of the key points in “The Notebook”. One of the characters loved the other unconditionally not matter what. There were also obstacles such as in “The Notebook”, Allie was engaged to Lon, which kept her and Noah apart, and later in the book, her Alzheimer’s did the same thing. This is similar to “The Choice” because Gabby’s serious boyfriend had kept the two apart, as did her intense coma. Sparks also posses a unique writing style that many other authors do not. He is able to create heart wrenching story lines that can make just about anyone cry, and this book was no exception. One of the more heartfelt quotes from this book is, “If Words are the Lyrics, and Laughter the Melody, then a Relationship becomes a Symphony.” This quote shows how deeply emotional the author can truly be, as if that weren’t already evident from his previous novels.

I enjoyed this novel becaue it was extremely well crafted on be-half of the author and it was incredibly heartfelt. I could not personally relate to many of the issues that the characters were facing, but I was able to sympathize for them as well as some of their situations. To be honest, the main reason I read this book was because it was by Nicholas Sparks, and I am glad that I did because it proved to be well worth my time. I especially enjoyed all of the sentiments carefully placed in the book and even though some thought the ending was a bit too “fairytale”, it was exactly what I wanted to read.

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