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The Lost King of Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson
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Apr 03, 12

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Read in March, 2012

I'm waiting for these to pick back up again. This one was good - better than Cowardly Lion and and Grampa, for sure - maybe a 3.5 - but still not that riveting. I don't know, maybe I need a little Oz break again (I'm taking it right now, actually; I finished this book almost two weeks ago. Part of the time lapse, however, is just a reading valley as I instead obsessively watch Avatar). The next one is The Hungry Tiger, though, and they go to Rash, which I remember being cool, and Betsy Bobbin is featured, and I love her! So we'll see. Plus eventually we get the Purple Prince and also Peter, whom I remember liking. Although I wish she would introduce some cool new girl characters. It's a shame how much worse about this she is than Baum.

Anyway, I like the dummy fine, and I like Dorothy and I like that she's still intrepid; I like hanging out with Mombi, and the button boy is perfectly nice. The goose is amusing. I always appreciate an appearance by Kabumpo. I did notice that we're back to the Wizard having captured Ozma and sent her to Mombi's keeping, although apparently the witch had already captured the king.

It irritates me that Ozma seemed so nervous and a little inept. When everything jars around in the palace and Hokus comes in, she "pointed a trembling finger at hte silver casket." A trembling finger? Really? Ozma who faced down the Skeezers while trapped inside a glass dome? Ozma who heads into danger anytime she thinks it might be her duty? Shame, Ruth, shame! Her finger would be steady! And when she "sank limply into a chair and began to fan herself with a doily"?!?!?! "'Everything, everything's so queer,' murmured the little Queen, looking appealingly at Betsy and Trot." ARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH.

I really like Tora, "never listen[s] to unpleasant conversations" because he can detach his ears.

That's all.

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