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Divide & Conquer by Abigail Roux
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Mar 18, 12

bookshelves: action-crime-mystery, m-m
Read in June, 2013

This one is both fascinating and horribly, horribly frustrating.

Fascinating in that we get to learn more about Ty especially, and even get to meet his Recon team. But frustrating because the whole book feels like a mad scramble for cover to the point that there's not really a moment of peace or rest. Not all of it is action-packed scrambling for cover, much of it is psychological, as Zane continues to hide from Ty and Ty continues to try to be patient without becoming resentful.

The various accidents and tragedies that come along simply serve to make this the least-connected Ty and Zane have felt to me since the series started.

It's still Ty and Zane, and therefore still fantastically enjoyable to read. Just this installment comes with a healthy dose of angst along with it.

Favorite Quotes:
The prospect of calling Zane's parents to tell them he was seriously inured, and oh, by the way, I'm your son's partner who let him go by himself into the building that blew up, nice to meet you, has he told you he likes cock?

She broke out with a question in a language Ty definitely recognized as Italian. It made him flinch like one of Pavlov's dogs waiting to be hit with an ostrich leather hobo bag.

And Zane was hopelessly, helplessly lost in him.

"Seriously?" Nick asked in honest surprise. "Like, with-the-heart love or with-the-dick love?"
Ty snorted. "To be honest, it's a little of both."

"He seems like the 'get on your knees, bitch' type of guy."

He had always been their go-to guy, the brawn on point, the guy they knew they could throw at anything and he'd go in swinging. Why did his being gay have to mar that tough-guy personality?

Ty warred with the instinct to protect that had been in overdrive for a week now and the urge to kick him while he wallowed down there. He wouldn't have placed bets on which instinct would win out.

Zane kissed along Ty's jaw and throat, silently awed by how incredible they were together.

"But I wouldn't go anywhere even if I could. I'd rather be here with you than somewhere else alone."

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