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A Devil Named Desire by Terri Garey
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Mar 18, 12

it was amazing
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Quick & Dirty: A discovery of love, in all its many forms, along with brotherly ragging and child stubbornness.

Opening Sentence: The water in the bathtub was warm, soothing, and a beautiful shade of red.

The Review:

I have a confession to make. I wasn’t sure whether or not I would enjoy a book where an Archangel gets down and dirty with a woman. It sounds similar to many of the other angel books available right now. Well, let me put your mind at ease. This is a wonderful book. The Archangel Gabriel’s “down and dirty” is not so much smut, as it is romantic. Tastefully written and truly captivating, A Devil Named Desire is more about love and redemption for all creatures, even angels. I love a good biblically themed story and this one definitely delivers.

The Devil, known as Sammy Divine, is tired of his once brother, the Archangel Gabriel, harping on him. Sammy wants to teach Gabe a lesson in temptation and the power of physical desire. The Devil is petty and malicious and wants to put the angel in his place. But Gabriel has reminded Sammy of long forgotten emotions like love and longing, and whether he wants it or not, Sammy is influenced by them. You can see the difference in the way he treats his minions and goes about ruling his kingdom. Most of all, you can see the effects of having his son around. It’s hard for Sammy to remain aloft when Cain is around for the love of a father for his child is hard to deny. Being a parent has definitely changed him; he just doesn’t know if it’s for the better or not. For a being that has been treated with deference for a millennium, he is now thwarted by a nine-year-old boy at every turn. Will Sammy’s heart let this sweet child in? Can Sammy allow this kind of weakness in his kingdom? Is he willing to crush his son’s gentle spirit for the sake of protecting him in Shoel? Will Sammy be able to reconcile his feelings before another enemy takes advantage of them?

Gabriel’s love of Sammy and his hope for his brother’s redemption has lead him to the vulnerable Hope Henderson. She had made a bargain with the devil and is in danger of losing her soul to the Darkness. Gabriel has vowed to protect her. He should have tried harder to protect himself, for Hope becomes the true temptation of his heart. Gabe must decide whether to remain apart from his “human” feelings toward Hope, or give in to his “humanity”. I really like that Terri Garey allows Gabriel to remain true to his oath of loyalty to his father, the One. That his father gives him his humanity rather than watching Gabe fall from grace is truly something. It portrays God in a more loving light, and Gabriel’s inner turmoil is given a compromise that doesn’t necessarily have to be viewed as punishment, but more like an opportunity. It’s a view of Fatherly, and heavenly, love that I can appreciate even if I don’t follow the Lexicon. Will Gabriel take this opportunity to embrace love or will he too turn against his maker like Sammy? Could he have walked away from Hope and return to the heavens without regret? Can Gabriel’s openness toward love help Sammy do the same?

Hope is a web designer that is riddled with guilt. She feels responsible for the loss of her sister, Charity, and can no longer bear the weight of disappointment. When, in a moment of weakness, she tries to kill herself, Sammy swoops in and makes her a bargain. If she will create a web site that allows his followers, the demons, to enter our world in mass, he will help her find her lost sister. Hope, like most of us, is full of good intentions, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. She is constantly making mistakes that have dire consequences. Even the simple choice to kiss Gabriel, knowing he is an angel, has lead to him becoming human. She eventually realizes that actions have consequences that saying “I’m sorry” won’t fix. In the end, she accepts responsibility for herself and is willing to give her life for another. The love she has for her sister and Gabriel is what encourages her to become a better person.

This novel is packed full of understanding the other side of the coin; walk a mile in their shoes and all of that. Each of the main characters experiences firsthand the other person’s reasons and possible motivations. Sammy rediscovers love, both parental and brotherly. Gabe develops an understanding of Sammy’s perspective on humans and their lure and the motivations behind the anger toward the One. Hope recognizes that her and Charity’s mistakes share similarities in their initial intentions and that bad choices are not necessarily the end of the world. Cain and Sammy learn to be a family and therefore open themselves up to others.

Love and redemption are possible for all, even for the Devil himself.

A great find, Ms. Garey delivers an inspiring tale of heavenly ideals coupled with earthly desires. Full of love and laughter, this book is definitely one to add to your must read pile.

Notable Scene:

Cain gave a long-suffering sigh, but did as he was told. Freshly scrubbed and glowing with health, he was a beautiful child… cherub-cheeked, with hair that held his mother’s curl. “There are too many forks,” he complained, frowning down at the table. “And the food looks weird.”

Sammy arched a brow. “Weird?”

“There are no rolls,” the boy went on, “and no fruit. What’s that gloppy black stuff?”

“That”-Sammy smiled and picked up a small triangle of toast-“is caviar.” With a tiny spoon, he heaped a small portion of roe onto the toast, and handed it to the boy. “Normally we would have it as an appetizer-it’s best with champagne, which you are not allowed to have, by the way-but I wanted you to try it. You’ll love it.”

Cain took the toast, making a face as he examined the caviar closely, taking a sniff. “It smells like fish.”

“It is fish. Raw fish eggs, in fact.”

“Ew.” Cain put the toast down without trying it. “That’s disgusting. I’m not eating that.”

Sammy blinked, unused to his wishes being so summarily dismissed. “It’s a delicacy,” the Great and Mighty Satan explained, in an utmost attempt at patience. “Meant to be appreciated in small bites. Taste it.”

“No.” There was no truculence in the boy’s tone, merely a calm statement of refusal.

The Devil’s Bargain Series:

1. Devil Without a Cause

2. A Devil Named Desire

FTC Advisory: HarperCollins/Avon graciously provided me with a copy of A Devil Named Desire. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review. I get paid only in hugs and kisses from my little boys.

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