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Twist by Dannika Dark
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Mar 24, 2012

it was ok
Read from March 18 to 24, 2012

The heroine in this book is one of the most annoying and stupid characters I've ever read about. She has no clue, is dumb and still never listens to other people. Then she gets in trouble and the guys have to rescue her. When she gets scolded for it she even wonders why people are pissed. Seriosuly did she lose her brain when she was turned into a Marge?!?!

But still the author writes about how others are in awe of her and of course several men want her. Why they would want someone like her I have no clue.

I know many readers seem to gush about that Logan guy. But apart from the rare moments he talks about his family he is just a disrespectful, annoying, possessive asshole. He is such a walking cliché PR alpha male it's not even fun anymore. That he could be interested in someone like Silver also makes me doubt his intelligence.

Of course, the author has to go the predictable route with him and Silver. He kidnaps her (after the dumb chick lets him into the house) to deliver her to her enemy, then changes his mind and suddenly they work together. Btw, the moment he entered her room he marked it and her. What a surprise. *rolls eyes* She tells him that she can't trust him and will never love again but lets him treat her like property? Really? She sleeps with him in one bed, lets him kiss her, he hits every male who even looks at her the wrong way (one friend even has to ask for permission to heal her) and she is cool with that? Wasn't she so keen on independence?

In one scene she gets kidnapped (again), he occurs to her in a dream, she accuses him over selling her out (which is cool since she can't trust him, remember) but he only has to deny it and she's all like "Cool, then lets make out!" WTF?!?! Apart from that we get the usual bad PR clichés: only she can calm him, she feels that he loves her, she is impressed when he fights to rescue her (used later to justify why she falls for him???), he growls around all the time etc. Urgh!

I really wish he turns out to be a bad guy and slits her throat. That will teach her a lesson.

It seems like unfortunately everything is just a means to bombard us with that "romance". Other scenes I was really interested in reading about were finished in one paragraph only to get back to page after page of boring Silver and Logan scenes. It felt like 20% action and INTERESTING characters (Justus!!!!!!!!!, Remi, Simon) and 80% bad "romance" with the stupid chick and the asshole.

The saddest thing about that is that the world the author created is really interesting. She could do so much with it but prefers to go the PR route. Same with some of the characters. Justus is one of the most intruguing males I've read about, Simon, Remi and Finn seem interesting as well. But everyone has to step back for the sake of the "romance". I hope this changes in the next book!
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message 1: by Arushi (new)

Arushi Okay after reading both your reviews, I'm gonna give this series a pass. I am already sick of PNR which is for the sake of just the romance. Maybe when I am eventually back to reading PNR... but probably not.

Sarah ♥ Vutch forever ♥ Maybe you will like it more. But as promising as the world is, the heroine and the romance really ruin it.

message 3: by Arushi (new)

Arushi Ah.. but see I go on 'binges' for lack of a better term. Currently I am all about the plot. Maybe later when I wanna read romance.. coz yeah I am more tolerant of it than you.
But right now, its all abt good plots, and good worlds and good characters, with maybe some romance. Who says I don't give some concessions.. lol.

Jackie i havnt't read this book yet, but i have a feeling that i won't like Logan. I'm rooting for Justus all the way.

message 5: by Clairen (new) - added it

Clairen Wait I thought our love interest were between justice, simon?, and Adam ???? Who the heck is Logan? Uhhhh now idk if I want to read it!

Sarah ♥ Vutch forever ♥ Logan shows up in this book and yeah... I wasn't impressed. LOL

Sarah ♥ Vutch forever ♥ Justus is awesome. He is the best thing about the series!

Jackie Yeah, it is the reason why i'm gonna continue to read the series. Just finished Twist and despised it.

message 9: by Sharon (new)

Sharon I have this book on my Kindle, but after reading the first book in the series I'm going to have to be REALLY bored to read this one..........

Julia Although the main character seems to be a little immature for her age (30)... Her behavior is due to the fact she has been forced into this life and doesn't want to conform to the expectations placed on her. She's angry about it. As for Logan, he's an extreme protector and the reason why Silver "forgives or can't stay away" is the fact their soul mates. If you don't like the soul mate concept, i'd suggest getting out of the paranormal romance type books.

Sarah ♥ Vutch forever ♥ Well, not every book has this concept. Doesn't change the fact that the the Mageri series is not good.

message 12: by Scartale (new) - added it

Scartale I read it more as a comedy. It's fairly interesting then. I've stopped face-palming at Silver's decisions/actions and just let myself laugh while I shake my head.

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