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Until Next Time by Amy  Lignor
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Mar 18, 12

really liked it
Read in March, 2012



‘Until Next Time’, was a very surprising read. Amy has done a wonderful job of bringing a very original take to the Angel genre. It was quite an amazing read in parts. I really felt quite taken in by the story and the emotion.

Matt and Emily are soul mates in Heaven. Matt has trained to be a warrior, well a warrior Angel, for the good side and Emily is an Angel. Both Matt and Emily go down to earth and lose the memory of who they are in Heaven. They are on an assignment of sorts to learn about human behaviour and why humans lose hope and other human emotions. Kind of like they have to live being human to understand it, to be able to inform the Archangels when they are brought back upstairs. So they go down as a clean slate and they go into the shell of Liz and Daniel’s bodies. They get Liz and Daniel’s memories, their lives. Although in Heaven they know each other, they do not have memory of each other on Earth. They find each other and a story plays out. There is the possibility that they will each find somebody else and fall in love with a human as they have no memory of each other.

The story takes the reader between Heaven and Earth. I loved the Archangels playing cards..hehe!! Mark and his sayings that he was working on that would one day be used and quoted by people around the world.

Liz and Faith have a pub in 1800’s Dublin. Faith is a wonderful character. She knows how to talk the talk. Liz has dreams/nightmares where it appears like she dies or is dying and her body is covered in wounds. When she awakens , her wounds will heal . Faith is there for Liz when she goes through these sessions. She doesn’t understand them, but she is there for Liz.

Enter one stormy night Jason and Charles, who are the most gorgeous characters. Liz finds herself attracted to Jason, and Charles is totally lost, falling deep for Faith.

The foursome leave Dublin. Charles and Jason have secrets and Faith is not impressed. She wants answers and she will get them, because Faith is a determined girl. The story then takes the reader back to Dublin, but a different side of Dublin for Charles and Jason to reveal the skeletons to the girls that are in their closets.

Boy, are there skeletons in those closets!!

I loved the ending to this book. I thought it was quite beautiful and sad. It’s not your typical boy meets girl story. Jason is such an appealing character and Charles is a great guy. I would like to understand Matt more. I know he is Emily’s soul mate but my heart felt the pull more towards Jason.

Amy has written a wonderful book with great characters you can’t help love .

The one thing that hit home when reading this book was my own mortality and who would be waiting for me.


"When I look at you..... when I'm with you....I understand what God was trying to accomplish."

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