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Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories Volume Forty-Six by Arthur S. Maxwell
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Mar 18, 2012

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Read in January, 1989 — I own a copy

Eek, Kevin at the beach with all the crabs! That freaked me out a ton.

And two stories of girls rushing back into burning houses for their siblings. These books made me unnaturally scared of house fires growing up.

I remember well the one about the girl who drew on her desk, and then had to clean ALL the desks in the classroom. And Cyril (seriously, Cyril) whose friend spilled the cream can, so they filled it up with milk which Cyril's mother then tried to whip. And Cyril came clean before she could call the dairy farmer and complain, but his friend got off scott free when he was the one who'd spilled their cream.

Oh man, and the two stories of kids losing their collection money. One because he's snowballing (when he was told not to!) and the money was in his glove. The other just trips over in her rush not to be late and they go back and find the two little coins in the huge, freshly ploughed field. But back to the first one. Joe gets home and when his mother asks him about the money, he tells her what happened... and I'm like, isn't this the time when a little white lie would be best? I mean, it wasn't like he had to buy anything with the money and he lost it. He was giving the money away in any case, he no longer has the money, does it really matter? LOL, that was my thinking at seven as well, and it's still my thinking... he didn't steal the money and keep it for himself, he just lost it. Haha am I a bad person for not really seeing the big deal here? :P

Oh but I got a giggle out of the story where all the boys from Hawick said they were from elsewhere, because Hawick just lost the footy. LOL, boys.

Also, I've noticed while reading these books that in a LOT of the pictures, little boys are wearing t-bar school shoes. Like these:


This is the last book I'm reviewing, I've come to the end of my owned pile now. And this book has a quote which so perfectly sums up so many of my feelings so far. It's in the one about Bunty the collie whose little boy decides to enter him in a dog show. From his mother: "you can't just ask Jesus to make your dog win a prize and then sit back and do nothing." YES, EXACTLY MOTHER. That's exactly true. You can pray, just the same as you can wish on a star or a falling leaf, or cross your fingers... but you have to DO something about it, otherwise you're just relying on luck. And it bothers me that in so many of the stories, the kids DON'T do anything about it. They just sit back and do nothing and rely on dumb luck, and then think their prayers have been answered when the missing scarf turns up or whatever. Which is really not the message I'd want to be sending my own kids. If I WAS compiling a Best Of, the one about Bunty is the only one where I'd leave in the praying bit, because for once it's sensible.
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message 1: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Taffi haha, they are totally girls shoes. My brother got told that all the time by both girls and boys when he had to wear mine from the year before to primary school.

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