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Vengeance Born by Kylie Griffin
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Jun 12, 2012

did not like it
Read from June 11 to 12, 2012

Was it just me or was this book a fantasy based adult romance novel? The setting for this book was marvelous and Kylie Griffin could have gone far with it. As it is, she royally screwed it up. She made the mistake that more and more authors are making ever since the popularization of Twilight: the story was all romance with a tinge of anything else instead of action, adventure, character develop, etc with romance. I reckon the first half of the book was based upon how both Annika and Kalan looked and lusted after each other. The second half was them getting it on in explicit detail.
Like I said previously, the background for this steamy relationship was great! A world of demons and humans and the differences between them. Annika's childhood sparked interest as it would have been a good insight into that world. However, all we're given is snippets around Annika fawning I've Kalan. The reader is never given any chance to truly empathize with Annika because all that is read about her childhood is hearsay. Moments of her childhood are brought up at times of connivence to explain a trait but then nothin is explored. We learn about her character for Kalan's observations, half of which there is no cause for him to see.
Kalan's position as Lady's Chosen is never properly explained either. All we know is that it's an important role, but how was he selected??
The backing of a religion is good in any other book because if gives a sense of depth. In this book, it was just a plot device, something to give reason for the Gifts of some of the people; gifts that apparently have a big importance in this world yet we only really hear about Annika's. Apparently all the Light Blades had a Gift. Who knew?

Griffin's lack of attention or even care for the other aspects that make a story made this book read like an adult romance novel. The promise of a fantastical world drew me in, but the way it was carried out was appalling and a thorough waste of time to read.

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