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The Vampire's Seduction by Raven Hart
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Aug 23, 2015

really liked it
bookshelves: fav-finsh-series
Read in August, 2008

Vampires, the Hollywood stereotype. No reflection, sun equals death, holy water burns, sleeping in coffins....but the way the novel is approached was brilliant. Two Vampires in Savannah, the Sire and his only "offspring." It switches dialog and thought from one vamp to the other in the chapter headings, William and Jack. You must be able to switch between the two to keep up and of course they intermingle and you have to remember who's version you're looking at at the moment. William being a 500 year old European and Jack being a 140 year old southern yankee who is now just a modern Savannah redneck. This was an excellent read! Grit and blood, seduction and passion. Powerful and provocative. Left you with a major cliffhanger as well. One you will want to explore and I will as soon I buy the next one! Completely different and I enjoyed it wonderfully.

Best Quotes from the book:

"Ghosts don't hinder me, I am death wearing seven-hundred-dollar shoes." ---a William thought

"...frequent burst of rage that can nearly blind me. A migrane of the soul,..." ---a William thought

"Instead of the devil being in the details, hell waited for each of us in the wings." ---a William thought

"I was officially in the middle of an undead soap opera. Young Vampires in Love." ---a Jack thought

"I was in a field mined with estrogen bombs and didn't know which way to run." ---a Jack thought


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