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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
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Aug 08, 2008

it was amazing
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Read in January, 2009

So these were my first thoughts upon finishing the book:
*Review coming soonish...but I'll give you this: it's like Uglies meets Ender's Game meets The Wind Singer meets The Giver....

My review: Oh. Wow. That was my thought while reading this book. I was absolutely enthralled with this totally new world that Suzanne Collins had created. I had read her Underland Chronicles and had thought that world was amazingly well done. Needless to say, I loved this book. When I first heard that it was coming out, I was so excited. And then my college life got a hold of me and this book somehow got shoved to the backburner. I only remembered it a couple weeks ago and was shocked and dismayed that I hadn't immediately read it the day it came out. I put it on hold at my library and waited as the 28 people before got copies of it first. When it finally arrived I knew that I would not be able to start reading it until the weekend. I didn't want anything to spoil my story. So I waited a few more precious days til I knew that I would not be interrupted. Before then, I had only given myself a short teaser of the first couple pages. Finally! I had finished all my pressing schoolwork and could sit down and read the book. I read it in one sitting. I stayed up until 2:30am in the morning to finish this book. The world of The Hunger Games is intensely detailed. Even though I didn't feel like Suzanne Collins had made a huge effort to provide the reader with brilliant imagery, I still had a marvelous image in my head of the story, what each person looked like, as well as the landscapes and cities. This is a place that I have never experienced before, a whole new world that is teeming with life, intrigue and adventure! I was totally sucked into this crazy sci-fi world and forgot that I was just a person sitting in bed at the wee hours of the morning reading only a story. I was so drawn in that I didn't notice the hours go by as I sat and read through Katniss and Peeta's trials and triumphs. I would whole-heartedly recommend this book. If you have not checked it out, you should do that today.

*Taken from my book reviews blog:
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Quotes Laura Liked

Suzanne Collins
“I don't want to lose the boy with the bread.”
Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins
“And then he gives me a smile that just seems so genuinely sweet with just the right touch of shyness that unexpected warmth rushes through me.”
Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins
“You’ve got about as much charm as a dead slug.”
Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

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Susan would love to hear what you think! i haven't read this yet but have been wanting to.

Meredith ditto

Laura I have been itching to get my hands on this book ever since I first heard about it. I am planning on reading it this soon as I'm free from school (for a short period anyway) and when I am not loaded down with homework. I haven't even picked it up just to read the first couple chapters, because I know I will get sucked in, and my grades would suffer, which is bad.

Susan school first! :) (inner mother coming out)

Meredith lol susan... but oh mannn I know that feeling. "Just one chapter... one more??? two more??? chemistry can wait, right???"

Laura Susan: hahah! I know what you mean! on my part it would be "School first!" (inner homeschooler who likes A's coming out)

Meredith: hahaha...yeah, that's Exactly why I haven't started it yet...though I will tonight, because I got all my major assignments done and will work on everything else Saturday...I'm stoked to start it though...I'm pumped man.

Meredith ahhh boy you are actually a lot more responsible than I am.

Laura hahaha...well, college is kind of important, and if you don't study and show up to definitely shows. Most of my classes I am called upon to talk/discuss what we are learning and I don't particularly like looking like a hoodlum who doesn't study...aaiiee

Meredith 'well now laura, ahem snor*kel*, what have YOUUU learned recently?'

(Snorkel shrinks in chair and looks innocent)

Laura I have almost perfected the habit of pretending to be immensely absorbed in studious note-taking....or looking through my textbook like I'm trying to find something...when the teacher looks out and is posing a question. But in spanish class you can't get out. We usually go over the homework outloud...and in a matter how far away you are, the time will come for you to speak your part....hehehehe
Plus I really like good grades...*shrugs*

Susan you're right. no one is there to make you go to class...but it shows for sure in your grades if you don't! i learned that my first year in college!!!

Laura hahah, most of my classes though, you only have a certain number of absences and then they take away points on your grade. So not only do you not get the material they covered in class, but your points are taken away as well.

Susan oh really? i don't remember that from my classes. i think they just let you crash and burn on your own.

Laura well, when you go to a private university that isn't very big, they tend to give you incentives to come to class...and actually, I'm pretty sure that we have role taken every class. And most of the times the professor can tell who is missing. If you try to crash and burn then they will email you and ask what is up...

Susan glad you liked it, i can't wait to read it!!

Meredith You and me both! I read it in one sitting last night and finished at 2am because I couldn't put it down.

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