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Cabin Fever by Jeff Kinney
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Mar 17, 2012

it was amazing
I own a copy

** spoiler alert ** Jeff Kinney has done it again. He has written and drawn another bestseller. In Cabin Fever, Greg is up to his usual antics, but the story is set up in such a way that readers have a rare opportunity to delve more deeply into Kinney's nuanced protagonist. Kinney's ability to realistically capture the art of storytelling from a kid's perspective is one of many reasons why all of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books are so addicting. Greg is wimpy, selfish, (kind of) mean, and narrow-minded--traits that shout out "AUTHENTICITY!" to Kinney's loyal preteen readers. People enjoy reading about Greg, a run-of-the-mill kid who is a just a tad too sharp for his own good. A far cry from a Mary Sue or a rebellious preteen flipping off the world, Greg is instead the kid who will beg his mom for extra time and money to provide for a digital pet, whine that the world isn't fair, sneak a peak (and some more) at his Christmas presents before the big day... and so on.

In Cabin Fever, Kinney revisits all of the tried-and-true character traits responsible for skyrocketing this series to popularity. But this time around, Kinney doesn't stop there. Cabin Fever takes Greg's antics to the next level; Greg gets in over his head and has a run-in with the authorities. Unsurprisingly, everything happily works out in the end, but what makes Cabin Fever so memorable is how the story line offers readers a chance to see that Greg, for all of his silly, trouble-inducing antics and motivations, is really a good kid at heart.

If you want to understand Greg--or rather, if you want to understand children--set aside the parenting magazines for the time being, and pick up this book. The way Jeff Kinney describes Greg Heffley is spot on for how it is with most kids, from the do-gooders to the trouble-makers. Cabin Fever once again reminds us why, despite all of the duplicate graphic novels out there trying to copy Kinney's style, Kinney remains the original bestseller. Cabin Fever had me lauging out loud from Page One. I highly recommend it to kids everywhere. For those grown-ups who can't be caught dead buying and reading a kid's book, I hope you have a sibling or child from whom you can bum the book off of because Cabin Fever is a MUST READ.
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