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Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare
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Jul 10, 12

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This piece of writing from Will's perspective really shows the reader who Will Herondale is. We get to see how Tessa is able to break down his walls, the walls he has had built up for a long, long time. But, more than that, we also get to see how much Will has given up for himself for protection, and how much he has lost himself while trying to do so.

In this scene he is just a boy. He claims to know who he is, what he wants, but he doesn't. It's all a show. It's almost as if he is afraid to let anyone in to get to know who he really is--before he has even had the chance to figure out who that is anymore.

I love this scene so much better in Will's point of view. It adds even more depth to Will's character and gives us a greater understanding of who he is and, even if we don't know the whole reason for his walls, we can see how much it hurts him inside to be the Will Herondale he has been, and how much it hurts him to lose the Will Herondale that he used to be.


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Wonderful--absolutely wonderful.

Where Cassandra Clare goes with the characters in the beginning of this series is amazing. Everyone has something going on, something that they don't want to say, something that they should say but don't. I hardly know what to say, to be honest.

So, instead of going on and on about what I loved about this, I may as well just say this:

Plot - fantastic, lingering, questionable.
Love Story - could go either way, I wish both boys weren't so awesome (I still think Tessa should be with Will)
Death - Why? Of all people, why that person? I loved that person! Why do you always have to kill the ones I like?
Liars - Upsetting.
Secrets - Just say what you really feel, damn it!

Of course, when I say the things like I did for death, lairs, and secrets, I mean all of those in a positive light. I love when my preferred characters die--it provides a sense of realism. Liars should be upsetting, and secrets and unsaid feelings should put me on the edge of my seat. So basically, everything was fantastic. I loved it.

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Cassandra Clare
“One must always be careful of books," said Tessa, "and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.”
Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel

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07/02/2012 "After a looong game of tug of war in my head between two books I wanted to read, I finally decided to read the Infernal Devices.I know--I'm excited too!"
33.0% "Reading while I sit out in the summer sun--which has finally arrived--and am falling quickly in love with Will. Although I hope Tessa can break the whole "Then you don't really know me, do you?" wall down. But I love it. I really do."
44.0% "How is it that, no matter which book I read by Cassandra Clare, I'm constantly creating flow-charts in my head for every piece of dialogue, hand gesture, plot twist, and facial expression? Oii. It's excellent exercise for the mind! =D"

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