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Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare
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Apr 12, 12

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All those exciting twist here and there make me love this book so much ! Oh, and the author too.

I didn't read Clockwork Angel as I find myself not liking to read the process of Tessa learning and practicing how to change. So, I decided to jump to book 2.

Halfway through the book, I like Jem and Tessa together. They just looked so right together. But 3/4 down the book, I feel that Will deserve another shot at Tessa too. I mean, that guy just found out what really happened about the fake curse which he thought was real and wasted his 5 years of teenage-hood. If I were Will, I will kill that freaking demon in a 100 ways. Okay, back to the story.

After finishing the book, I kinda doubt the depth of understanding between Will and Jem. They are parabatai moreover, shouldn't they should be more aware of each others feelings ? That's why I can't really believe that their best friend/parabatai/brother have fall in love with someone. I mean, people changes slightly or a lot when they have fallen in love with someone. Since both of them are closer than what best friend/parabatai/brother, they must at least feel something is changing their partner, right ? I would definitely know that my best friend whether she's fallen in love with someone else. ;)

And, there's really something about Jem that bothers me a bit. Will saving Tessa in that explosion. Jem thinks that Will knows that Jem loving Tessa and stuff that Jem cannot bear to see Tessa hurt. So, Will decided to cover Tessa and take the impact of the explosion for Jem. I don't why I felt anger towards Jem when he said that. Maybe he's just always assume that whatever Will does, it's always because of Jem. I just wanna scream at Jem and tell him to 'get a life!!'. Not everything Will does is because of you. In that kind of situation, anyone who is near Tessa will save her or cover her if they manage to. Arghh !!!! I just don't know why both of them are so stupid to not noticing that they fell in love. With the same girl.

And also Tessa. I mean, she can tell Jem that she needed time to think about Jem's proposal. She's just 16/17 years old ! Not even legal enough to marry. Or to be engaged. She just couldn't bear that saying no will hurt Jem so she said yes. Arghhh ~ I'm so gonna faint out ..... She is torturing me with her kindness. And Will too. After clearing up the fake curse mess, he confessed to Tessa and sadly, Tessa said that she's engaged to Jem. To his bestfriend/parabatai/brother. What can be more worse than knowing the truth about the fake curse? This. Jem and Tessa being engaged. Oh, poor Will !!!!! He deserved to be in happiness. At least for a moment. And this really kill me. Such tragic things happen in his life.

I'm not gonna talk about Jessamine cause you and I know that she's just being stupid. How can you betray your family like that ? Charlotte and Henry, they are having a child !!! I love them more at the end of the book. They get to be much more closer and lovelier after clearing up the misunderstanding.

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QiJia (On Hiatus) 치쟈 Great review Stella =)
I prefer this book more than clockwork Angel too
I guess Will and Jem don't realise each others feelings is because they misinterpreted everything
Jem only know that Will has always does everything for him, so he just assumed the same thing ..habits are hard to break
whereas Will thought Jem will forever be the kind one who helps and cares for everyone (so they are blind that way xD)
I was screaming NOOOO when she said yes to Jem =( I like both Jem and Will but ... how to choose between them now?

stella yip Now Clockwork Princess is out, you can read the book 3. =D Until now I still can't decide which one should I like more. I mean, Jem is just so kind and Will, despite being sarcastic, there's reason behind it. And you just can't help to like him. Sigh, we as the reader already can't make the choice, whatever could Tessa do ?

QiJia (On Hiatus) 치쟈 Yep got the ebook ^^ I think Jem will die T.T but he gives Will and Tessa their blessing, that's the best I can think of

stella yip Awwwwww..... I really hope Jem won't die. Somehow he will survive. And fight with Will for Tessa. =D

QiJia (On Hiatus) 치쟈 I got this feeling Jem no matter what will give Tessa for Will:(
though it gonna be fun seeing them fight xD

stella yip Agree !! Don't we all just loooove to see two guy fight for a girl ? Haha ~ XD

QiJia (On Hiatus) 치쟈 OMG you've got to read Clockwork Princess!!!
I'm so envious but so happy for Tessa at the same time!!!
The epilogue!!!

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