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Gimme a Call by Sarah Mlynowski
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Dec 16, 2012

bookshelves: fiction, teen

Freshly dumped by the boyfriend who was her whole existence for four years, high school senior Devi Banks sees a bleak future ahead: no love life, no friends, and only a low-end college willing to accept her. Moping around the local mall, she accidentally drops her cell phone into a fountain. Once she has it back, she discovers that the only person the phone will call is herself—at age fourteen. Can the two of them work in the past to fix the future? An interesting take on time travel, the universally human “what if” question, and the holy trinity of high school concerns: love, friendship and academics.

-Kate D.-

When Devi drops her cell phone in a fountain, she is astonished to find it only calls one number: herself, four years earlier.
She has so much to tell her younger self. So many things she wished she had done differently. Like getting better grades. And joining more clubs. But above all, never, ever falling in love with Bryan and getting her heart broken.
Will her younger self listen? Can the present change the past? Devi soon learns that trying to change the choices she made has vastly unexpected effects on the present. Trying to determine what is the most important advice to give her younger self- that is the trickest question of all. --Tiffany J.

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