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Midwinter Sacrifice by Mons Kallentoft
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Mar 17, 12

I'm still slogging through this book, but I'm having a time of it. The problem could be due partly to me suffering from Whodunit Fatigue. I've been reading so many murder mystery/police procedural novels lately and they're all beginning to merge in my mind. Hardly the fault of the books themselves, but it would be nice if there was something fresh and new to read.

While I like that the personal lives of the characters are woven throughout, it would be nice if there was a bit more to them than simply various stages of conflict. I realize that conflict is often necessary to drive the plot and create interest, but why must it be so dreary and hopeless? That is the general tone of the book in fact, as it takes place during a bitterly cold and unrelenting winter; the weather is a character itself and it plays a major role.

Another character is the murder victim himself, which I like.

I'm not quite finished this novel, so I'll wait to finish this review.
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Ancestral Gael Did you finish the book, Sara? How did you feel about it ultimately?

Sara Yes, I did finish the book (thanks for asking), but by that time I was so tired of it that I never bothered to complete my review. Since then, my recollection has grown somewhat fuzzy, so I think my overall impression remains at a 2 star level. I do appreciate the effort and skill that goes into writing a book, I certainly couldn't do it, but as a reader, I found this book to be just too depressing and ultimately unsatisfying. I also noted the author's seeming obsession with the architecture of the locale, which would be interesting if everything wasn't described as being a "low, grey, box-like structure", or a variation thereof.

Eyehavenofilter Sara, just a thought, I had to do a brain cleanse, at one point and read... Like 5 books outside my usual crime drama genre, to get back into it. I was whodunit- logged, if there is such a malady?
I just couldn't read them anymore.
So grab something else, 4 or 5 of them, small quick reads, and brain cleanse. And you will be back to normal in NO TIME! Good luck!

Sara Ada-Lee, I just found your comment, I don't know what happened, wasn't notified. Anyway, thanks for the advice, which I agree is the best approach to "whodunit fatigue". Brain has been cleansed and I'm ready to go.

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