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Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens
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Mar 03, 13

bookshelves: contemporary-romance, adult-steamy
Recommended for: EVERYONE!
Read from March 02 to 03, 2013 — I own a copy, read count: 3

UPDATE: 03/03/13 - I just finished my third re-read of this incredible book and it was just as intense and exciting and emotionally charged as it was the first time around. Kiera and Kellan will always hold a special place in my heart and their story is equally frustrating and beautiful at the same time. I just love them! Now on to my re-read of Effortless and by then the third book, Reckless, will be released and I can finally see how this amazing love story continues!

RE-READ Date - March 18 - 20, 2012 - Still love this book in all its glory and frustration! K&K Forever!

ORIGINAL READ/REVIEW: 09/12/11 - Im not sure where to start with this review. Lets just get the simple stuff out of the way. I really liked the book. I liked the cast of intriguing characters and I liked the setting. Here's where I start to slant my opinion of this book. The writing and the story telling were a bit sophomoric. I hated the authors overuse of the word "beautifully" or "adorably" or "laughingly"...all these "ly' words. But as I understand it, this was the authors first attempt at a novel, so its understandable. And though the descriptive settings and language could have been a bit more cultivated, it was easily overlooked once you became accustomed to it and immerse yourself in the telling of this tantalizing story.

As for the book itself? It was a love hate relationship from about page 40 on. Reading this book was like watching a slow moving train wreck you know is going to be horrific when it crashes but you just can't look away! It became so awkward at times, I cringed and wanted to yank Kiera out from the pages and beat her over the head with my Nook!! Kiera is one seriously indecisive character! I had a very hard time feeling anything but contempt for the things she did and her reasons were just selfish and self indulgent. Her personality was modest and polite but she was twistedly narcissistic in her desires. I understand her dilemma, but I have no respect for the things she did or her reasons for doing it. (view spoiler)

As for Kellan. Wow.. this character was awesome! I loved his amorous personality, man-whore and all! His whole "rock god, bad boy with a hidden heart" image was perfectly executed! His lasciviousness floated off the pages and right into my heart! I'm totally smitten with him. He and Kiera's were totally HOT! LOL! (view spoiler)

With all that said... well, this book is definitely NOT boring. And when you have this much conflict inside the pages of a book then you know you have a great story! I can honestly say that the ending is what saved this book for me. The last several chapters were very well done and redemption is always a wonderful thing...as well as a good ass kicking! Needless to say, Im on to book two, Effortless. I want my HEA for these characters. They deserve it! :)
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85.0% ""Oh. My God! I have such a love hate relationship going with this book right now! That Kiera is an indecisive MESS! I've been tempted several times to throw my NookColor at something!!!! And I LOVE my Nook!!!! Grrrr!""
03/01/2013 page 250
45.0% "RE-READ time!! Doing re-reads of this series before Reckless comes out! Wearing my D-Bag's t-shit, sipping my peppermint mocha and enjoying the hotness that is Kellan Kyle! Life is good!" 4 comments
03/02/2013 page 400
73.0% "RE-READ--
"Obviously, I lied, Kiera!"..."If you haven't noticed, I do that! And what does it matter anyway...she wanted me, you didn't. What do you care if I--?"
"Because, you're mine!"
- Kiera and Kellan fighting is a HOT MESS! My third re-read and its just as hot and emotionally entangling as it was the first time!" 2 comments

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