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Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn
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Mar 16, 2012

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Read in March, 2012

I'm giving this 3 stars, only because I read the book in a day, so it obviously kept my attention. The book definitely had its moments of suspense and excitement, I'll say that, but I was expecting a bit more. The characters were a bit vacuous and more caricatured than real, it's like the book was written by an obvious Republican who wants nothing more than to demonise Democrats as morons and narcissists. That part was really transparent.

This book is for commando fans, commando wannabes and commandos who like to read about which weapon the character is wielding, and which helicopter is being utilised - if that's you, then this is perfect masturbatory material. The pages devoted to makes and models of the tools of terrorism and counter-terrorism I found to be unnecessary, but that's because it's not my thing. If it is, then read this book. I just want a bit more of the intelligent side of terrorism, putting aside the whole "we're right and you're wrong" simplicity of the plot (which these books tend to have), I wanted more. I might give the next in the series a read because I don't want to dismiss the books based on just one, especially when I did enjoy the book, but I was rather generous in my rating of 3 stars. Then again I may not get around to reading that next book of his and that wouldn't be sad for me - if I do, fine, if I don't, well then I've not lost anything in life.
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message 3: by Jabez (new)

Jabez do you know any authors who write intelligent terrorism novels? id like to read em

Cathy DuPont Todd: Not my thing either but two GR friends gave it five stars and bragged so much about it, had to pick it up.

Thanks for the 'heads up' so I'll be thinking of your review as I read the book. I'm not much on the commando stuff, equipment description and weapons so we'll see. Appreciate your honest review.

message 1: by Jill (new) - added it

Jill I think a little more back story could have gone a long way

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