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Blood Noir by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Mar 16, 2012

it was ok
Read in March, 2012

In the mood for erotica and having no more on my Kindle at the moment, I moved on to the next Anita Blake book because I knew it would at least be over-filled with absolutely ridiculous and unrealistic sex. Boy was I in for a surprise.

The book started off right away with what I had picked it for: a three-way between her, one of her live-in boyfriends and one of her very occasional fuck toys. I laughed because the scene also was the first BDSM themed sex scene Hamilton has written for Anita and it was pretty vanilla anyway.

The tale then moved on to the main story: her pretending to be fuck-toy's legitimate girlfriend on a trip out to his hometown in order to convince his dying dad he wasn't gay. They spend most of the next 200 pages of the book in their hotel room, which is pretty much as expected. The shocker here is they didn't have sex. Lots of long relationship conversations and navel gazing until they crash a bachelorette party that ends up with Anita being simultaneously the victim and the predator of a lengthy sexual assault (thankfully, not described in-scene). This wasn't the first time Hamilton's had Anita being assaulted, her succubus powers force her into sex with people she doesn't want to have sex with far too often, but it was the first time she truly had Anita react to it as a negative thing. I was thankful for this--it actually made her seem almost realistic again seeing her dealing with something horrific with more than a shrug and acceptance. It then segued into yet another long headache of an encounter between her and her former fiance where he comes off again as an incredible asshole who actually tries to rape her. Twice. I don't understand why Hamilton doesn't have Anita cut him loose. It's very frustrating.

And then we cut to a very short and silly plot where an ongoing mistaken identity issue has her and her fuckbuddy kidnapped and tortured before she breaks free, kills the torturers, uses her powers to save her fuckbuddy and then kills her torturers' underboss (which indirectly kills the boss vampire of the city due to D&D rules where the death of a familiar can kill its owning wizard). This experience leaves her feeling enough for her fuckbuddy to upgrade him to boyfriend (#5? Hard to tell, there's probably close to 20 regular partners for her, but I think Jean-Claude, Richard, Micah and Nathaniel are the only "boyfriends" before she adds Jason here).

I was more than a little pleased to see an Anita Blake book again that wasn't 90% sex scene. Unfortunately, the majority of the book was just dull instead. She pulled back on the sex finally, but didn't really put back in the suspense, mystery or adventure except for 1-2 throw-away chapters at the very end.

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message 1: by Armand (new)

Armand Wow- sounds kind of depressing overall.

Evan Peterson Armand wrote: "Wow- sounds kind of depressing overall."

The series has been on a sad decline for a while.

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