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The Fourth Wall by Walter Jon Williams
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Apr 29, 2012

it was amazing
Read on April 20, 2012

Some really good books take me three weeks, and some take me a week. This is not a measure of literary worth or my enjoyment with the book, it just means that it reads into my brain that much easier. Walter Jon Williams is from New Mexico. I grew up in Flagstaff. His syntax pours into my brain like an IV of lactated ringers into a thirsty soul.

The fourth wall is a Dagmar novel, and I love this tangent. Walter Jon Williams is a versatile writer, a writer who can take on a genre or subgenre with an ease that drives more rigid writers to frustration and envy.

Cyberpunk, Historical Novel, Space Opera, Slipstream, Thriller, Contemporary intrigue,(hell, the dagmar genre is still undefined)William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, and WJW are it. I like it. I wish I could give a cogent review, full of insightful previews and recapitulations, and maybe I will later. I liked it. nuff said. John Jakes probably hates his ass.

The third one in the Dagmar series, this one is different in that it focuses more on the lead character and his redemption. He is a washed up child star with a genetic condition that makes his adult head look like a Klingon's.

Suddenly, after licking his wounds after a particularly rough episode of "Celebrity Pit Fighter," he is contacted by "Great Big Idea," Dagmar's company, and he is invited to audition for a role in an interactive multi-branched cinematic adventure. Intrigue, self-aware comedy, and balls-out craziness ensues.

Walter Jon Williams brings a contemporary immediacy into anything he writes, and this story lives and breaths in your brain. Set in a world that begins the day after tomorrow, all of the characters are familiar to anyone who has happened to watch an episode of TMZ, walking through a world where current technology is puffed into something marvelous and mind-boggling.

Solid extrapolation, amazing dialogue, and realistic action (WJW is a multi-rank black belt). This was a great book. Next please?

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