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The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda
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Apr 23, 2012

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Read from April 20 to 22, 2012

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review.
I have mixed feelings about it.
It started out really interesting. I was pretty absorbed in the world Andrew Fukuda created with "people" (being the vamp-like beast things) and "hepers" (which we would know as humans). The narrator isn't named until much later in the book and that's purposeful as this society doesn't have names but designations depending on where they sit in school, their purpose in society etc. The main character (we learn later in the book that his name is Gene) is living as a "person" but is really a "heper". He goes through a myriad of rituals and preparation each day to pass as one of them, including shaving all body hair, cleaning himself diligently so he doesn't give off any sort of body odor, wearing fake fangs and participating in all the expected "people" behaviors - drooling, screeching etc.
The whole first half of the book was dedicated to showing Gene's life among the people and the announcement of The Hunt - a game where a few hepers are let loose to be chased down and devoured by a select few people. Gene ends up being chosen as one of these "lucky people" and is thrown into a new situation where he must survive in close quarters with these hunters.
A girl from his school, incidentally his secret crush, is also chosen for The Hunt.
Unfortunately for me, the story kind of fell apart once they arrived at The Institute. This is the place where they are "trained" for a few days before The Hunt. Gene does begin to learn more about himself and the state of the world and the hepers left in it. He actually meets the hepers that are being kept for The Hunt, but too much is left unexplained. I realized the more that I read that the author never really tells us how "people" and "hepers" came to be. Even though Gene is a "heper" he has no idea who he is - although he remembers his father specifically saying "Never forget who you are".
I wanted to like Gene more but he was touted as this super intelligent guy but made some really dumb decisions.
The interaction between he and his girl crush, whom he refers to as Ashley June, was interesting but ultimately fell flat for me.
The worst part was the last 30 or so pages of the book. It started as this exciting scene and then totally fizzled out. The ending left me confused and frustrated.
Obviously this is the beginning of a series so it definitely has potential to get better. The premise is really great and I had such high hopes for it. I may check out book 2 when it comes around and hopefully the author will be able to improve the execution of the story.

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