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The Hero Chronicles by Christine E. Schulze
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Mar 16, 2012

it was ok
Read from March 16 to 29, 2012

I think I'll try to review each story in this complete collection as I read them instead of trying to get them all reviewed when I complete the book. The first story is The Hero of 1000 years (The Hero Chronicles: Book #1). This story begins in a land of Elves and Fairies. Thankfully the beginning of the Hero Chronicles includes as description of how the worlds work so you can understand exactly where this world is. There is also a nice section on the different races with descriptions so you can identify the people. So again, in this land a girl named Chasmira is going to a magical elf/fairy high school hidden in Hawaii. We learn all about the classes Chasmira is taking and about her friends. Unfortunately I found keeping the friends straight in my mind rather confusing. All we really know about the friends is their main character trait, like this one sleepwalks, but so does another. And these two don't like each other, and these two are always hungry and this one keeps disappearing to hang out with some other kid who seems rather sketchy. Suddenly (view spoiler)

The second book is Heros Reunited (The Hero Chronicles: Book #2). This book starts a few months after the end of the first book. All of our friends are back and are going to go on a field trip. (view spoiler)

The third book is Heros of the Dove (The Hero Chronicles: Book #3). This book begins with all of the friends moving on to College. The College just happens to be right next door to the High School, on the same campus. There's some discription of how beautiful the college and how the dining tables all have specific colors based on the year of the students. The food suddenly appears and suddenly gets cleaned up...this part really seemed similar to Harry Potter. The students all arrived in carriages, etc.. Then we meet two new students Sarah and Eric. Or as I'll call them Sarah = Rachel #2, and Eric = Aaron #2. These characters seem to be doppelgangers of the original characters, and behave in the same way. But now we get to the love triangle portion of the book, and we spend half of it figuring out who likes who and who is jealous of who. In the middle of that our characters are still playing 4 square. Pretty sure I left that behind in elementary school. Finally, halfway through the book we get to the interesting part. Here is where the conflict happens and we get some action scenes and our characters actually develop.

Next is a page that explains the relationship between Tiffany and Dristann. Apparently Tiffany is involved in another series and if I had read that one I might know a little more about her but that doesn't hurt her story here. I think out off all the relationships, I enjoy the one developing between her and Dristann the most.

After that is The Secret Sister. This starts out as what seems to be a side story with a bracelet given to Chasmira by Eric that used to belong to his sister. We find out some sinister things about the bracelet and some strange event occur and then you realize that this blends with the main story of the battle between the Princess of Destiny and the Princess of Night. In this story a lot of questions are answered that were hinted about in the first two books. Here we get some good action and an ultimate sacrifice which will change things completely for the characters.

We get a brief Interlude here with Tiffany and Dristann, and then it's back to the main story with The Silver Knight. Eric returns from his secret assignment and his relationship with Chasmira deepens. We have some inner turmoil in the group and then the school gets attacked again. Chasmira finally learns what it means to be the Princess of Destiny.

The next section is titled The Princess of Destiny. Now we start out with a new character who is sent by the Princess of Night to infiltrate the school. He has an immediate connection with Chasmira (view spoiler)

The final section is called the Princess of Night. Following the huge revelation that finished The Princess of Destiny we then see Chasmira's reaction to the situation and also Eric's. (view spoiler)

So after that incredibly long and not terribly informative review I've decided to give the series a rating of 3 stars. I think the last three sections could have been combined into one whole final book. I was much happier with the end of the series than the beginning, things were definitely resolved to my satisfaction. We finally had some true hardship for the friends to endure which helped develop them from the whiney high school students they were into true leaders. My only question is now, What happens to Eric?
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Abigail Danfora So what age group would you reccomend this series to? It looks really good!

Lacey Probably ages 12-15.

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